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Who lives in Breamore house?

Who lives in Breamore house?

Purchased in the 18th century by Sir Edward Hulse, M.D., Baronet, and physician to Queen Anne and Kings George I and George II, the home is still inhabited by the Hulse family (see Hulse baronets).

Are dogs allowed at Breamore house?

Well yes, but they are more a case of getting from the Museum to the House rather than to amble around like Exbury for example. over a year ago. 2 Answers Are dogs allowed at Breamore and if so what areas are they allowed into? 1 Answer Are the grounds and and maze open before the house.

How old is Fordingbridge?

It was founded 1272, and dissolved 1546; some foundation walls remain, but no other remains. A custom which survived until 1840 obliged the lord of Fordingbridge during one summer month known as “fence month” to keep the bridge guarded and arrest anyone found taking venison from the New Forest.

Who owns Braemar House?

The Dodingtons remained at Breamore until 1748 when the house was sold to the Hulse family, who have owned it ever since. The house is very much a family home, with mementoes of generations of the Hulse family sharing space with a wonderful collection of artwork and period furniture.

Where is the village of Breamore in Hampshire?

/ 50.962; -1.775 Breamore ( / ˈbrɛmər / BREM-ər) is a village and civil parish near Fordingbridge in Hampshire, England. The parish includes a notable Elizabethan country house, Breamore House, built with an E-shaped ground plan. The Church of England parish church of Saint Mary has an Anglo-Saxon rood .

When was the building of Breamore House built?

Breamore House was completed in 1583 by the Dodington family, and was built on the site of Breamore Priory. The building underwent minor changes in the 18th century and underwent considerable restoration after a major fire in 1856.

Where was the Elizabethan house in Breamore located?

Breamore House is an Elizabethan manor house noted for its fine collection of paintings and furniture and situated in Breamore, just north of Fordingbridge, Hampshire, England.

Where is the Church of England in Breamore?

The Church of England parish church of Saint Mary has an Anglo-Saxon rood . The village of Breamore is mainly situated along the A338 road between Fordingbridge and Downton, although the Saxon church and Breamore House are about three-quarters of a mile west of the road.