Is the feet up trainer worth it?

Is the feet up trainer worth it?

It is absolutely worth the money. I was able to easily get up on it and do a headstand the very first day I received it. It is sturdy, built it myself and was super easy to build. The chart that it comes with gives you great ideas on flows you can try.

How much does the feet up app cost?

The price of $10, pretty much covers the cost of shipping and handling. If you use your phone while practicing with your FeetUp Trainer (especially while using the FeetUp Experience), we believe that you’ll find the value of a set of Coasters far exceeds the cost to have a free set shipped to you!

Are headstand benches safe?

If you have a headstand bench, you are perfectly safe on your own, though I strongly advise being against a wall if you are a headstand novice. You always want to use your abdominals and your triceps in getting up. At first, you won’t want to hold very long. If you love headstands, the bench is a must.

What is a feet up trainer for?

The FeetUp® Trainer™ helps you achieve inverted postures in a unique and gentle way. Getting your feet up, or putting your heart over your head – has never been safer and more accessible. The weight of your body does not rest on your head, but is evenly spread on your shoulders.

What can you do with the feetup app?

The FeetUp Experience offers something for everyone and every body— no matter your age, background, or movement history. Increase body awareness, build strength, explore balance, and expand your range of motion with a variety of easy-to-follow programs.

When to use the feetup trainer for yoga?

“The FeetUp® Trainer is an extraordinary home appliance. I like the effect of having my heart over my head after running, I use it during my regular yoga sessions, and sometimes just throughout my day – for far longer than just the usual 15 breaths. The results are long lasting and really effective.” What are the benefits of inversions?

Where did the original feetup trainer come from?

THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FeetUp Trainer – Designed in Germany & manufactured sustainably under the highest quality standards in Europe. YOUR PERFECT YOGA PARTNER: Famous for its shape and function, the FeetUp Trainer will enable you to enjoy all the benefits of inversions right away without risks or pressure on your neck or spine!

Which is better Chinese version of feetup trainer?

The Chinese version comes like a chair which is nice but it’s little wider and that causes misalignment on my shoulders and arms if I’m using it for arm balance and inversions. FeetUp is way better, sturdier and I can jump in and out safely.