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What is also a challenge for the bioplastics industry?

What is also a challenge for the bioplastics industry?

Many people in the bioplastics industry have a scientific and technical background, which makes it more challenging to get the message through to to a non-scientific and non-technical audience. People with scientific and technical backgrounds are more likely to be convinced by rational arguments, data and facts.

What is a disadvantage of using bioplastics?

Disadvantages of bioplastics They are generally two or three times more expensive than the major conventional plastics such as PE or PET, and their production is plagued by low yields and being expensive. This disadvantage should be less acute when manufacturing plants become larger and benefit from economies of scale.

What is bio-based plastic?

Bio-based plastics are made in whole or partially from renewable biological resources. For example, sugar cane is processed to produce ethylene, which can then be used to manufacture polyethylene. Starch can be processed to produce lactic acid and subsequently polylactic acid (PLA).

Why are bio plastics bad?

Bioplastics could potentially be worse for the environment than conventional plastics, according to recycling expert Arthur Huang. Switching to plastic made from plants instead of fossil fuels would require vast amounts of farmland, Huang said. This could cause environmental problems and deprive humans of food.

What is the status of bio based plastics?

This article reviews advances in production processes and material properties of selected bio-based plastics. It focuses on the most important bio-based plastics with established production and commercial applications. It furthermore provides an overview of new applications, and trends, as well as of major producers.

What are the future trends in biodegradable plastics?

Biodegradable plastics production is steadily growing, with an estimated 2.6-million tons forecast to be produced by 2023 (65% of which is to be used for packaging). It is also anticipated that by 2023, polyethylene furanoate will be introduced to the market, which could become the new novelty in biobased plastic for beverage bottles.

Which is the best journal to study bioplastics?

Bioplastics: Its Timeline Based Scenario & Challenges. Journal of Polymer and Biopolymer Physics Chemistry, 2 (4), 84-90. Pathak, Swati, CLR Sneha, and Blessy Baby Mathew. “Bioplastics: Its Timeline Based Scenario & Challenges.”

What are the challenges in the plastics industry?

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