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What happened to Dr Phibes?

What happened to Dr Phibes?

Dr. Anton Phibes, a famous concert organist and expert in theology and music, is thought to have been killed in a car crash in Switzerland in 1921, while racing home upon hearing of the death of his beloved wife, Victoria, during surgery. Phibes survived the crash, but he was horribly scarred and left unable to speak.

Who played Dr Phibes wife?

The desert scenes were shot in Ibiza, Spain. In addition to Price, four actors returned from the previous film: Peter Jeffrey, John Cater in the same roles, and Hugh Griffith and Terry-Thomas in new ones. In addition photographs of Caroline Munro as Phibes wife Victoria were used as they had been in the previous film.

What year does Dr Phibes take place?

Trivia. The events of this movie take place in the year 1925.

Who played Victoria in the Abominable Dr Phibes?

Actress Caroline Munro is uncredited as Victoria, appearing in the slide show that Phibes projects while reciting poetry, and in the double coffin in the film’s climax. 8.)

Who is Vulnavia in the Abominable Dr Phibes?

Aided in his quest for vengeance by his beautiful and silent female assistant Vulnavia, Phibes uses the Ten Plagues of Egypt as his inspiration, wearing an amulet with Hebrew letters corresponding with each plague as he conducts the murders.

When did the Abominable Dr Phibes come out?

The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971) PG-13 | 1h 34min | Comedy, Horror | 18 May 1971 (USA) A doctor, scientist, organist, and biblical scholar, Anton Phibes, seeks revenge on the nine doctors he considers responsible for his wife’s death.

Where was the Abominable Dr Phibes mansion located?

The exterior of Dr. Phibes’ mansion was Caldecote Towers at Immanuel College on Elstree Road. The film was followed in 1972 by a sequel, titled Dr. Phibes Rises Again. Several other sequels were planned, including Phibes Resurrectus, The Bride of Dr. Phibes, and The Seven Fates of Dr. Phibes, but none were ever produced.

Who are the 9 victims of Dr Phibes?

His nine victims are all dispatched using the Old Testament’s 10 Plagues of Egypt. With faultless precision, Phibes and his mysterious assistant Vulnavia (Virginia North) carry out their diabolical plan, baffling Scotland Yard’s Inspector Trout (Peter Jeffrey) and his superiors along the way…