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What did Worzel Gummidge used to say?

What did Worzel Gummidge used to say?

Worzel’s catchphrases were: “A cup o’ tea an’ a slice o’ cake”, “I’ll be bum-swizzled” and “Bozzy MCoo”. He was madly in love with Aunt Sally, a vain, cruel-hearted fairground coconut-shy doll who considered herself a lady and far too good for a common scarecrow such as Worzel.

Is worzel a Gummidge?

Worzel Gummidge is a walking, talking scarecrow character in British children’s fiction, who originally appeared in a series of books by the English novelist Barbara Euphan Todd. It was the first story book published by Puffin Books. The books were adapted for radio and television a number of times.

What’s the meaning of Gummidge?

Gummidge a peevish, self-pitying, and pessimistic person, given to complaining, from the name of Mrs Gummidge, a character in Dickens’s David Copperfield (1850). The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable. “Gummidge .”

How many Worzel Gummidge books are there?

ten Worzel Gummidge
I read the ten Worzel Gummidge books when I was a child and absolutely loved them.

How many series of Worzel Gummidge are there?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Worzel Gummidge is a British-New Zealand children’s sitcom, produced by Southern Television for ITV, based on the Worzel Gummidge books by English author Barbara Euphan Todd. Beginning in 1979, the programme starred Jon Pertwee in the title role and ran for four series in the UK until 1981.

What’s the meaning of Worzel Gummidge Godcakes?

Yet, there’s another meaning too! As highlighted by Baking For Britain, Godcake is also “…a Warwickshire name for the triangle of grass at a road junction – created as the road splits to go left and right.” MOVE OVER BABY YODA… Fans think new character is the cutest! If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What are the catchphrases of Worzel Gummidge?

Worzel had a collection of interchangeable turnip, mangelwurzel and swede heads; each suiting a particular occasion or allowing him to perform a certain task. He also had his own language, Worzelese. Worzel’s catchphrases were: “A cup o’ tea an’ a slice o’ cake”, “I’ll be bum-swizzled” and “Bozzy MCoo”.

Who is the Scarecrow in Worzel Gummidge?

The beloved scarecrow is played this time around by Mackenzie Crook, who audiences will recognise from such efforts as The Detectorists and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. These two new episodes are called Worzel Gummidge: The Scarecrow of Scatterbrook and Worzel Gummidge: The Green Man.