How tall was Wallace Beery?

How tall was Wallace Beery?

six feet
Beery attributed his long popularity to his appeal to men and youngsters. He was well fitted for his rough roles. Towering above six feet, he had a bulky figure and a booming voice.

What was Wallace Beery famous for?

Wallace Fitzgerald Beery (April 1, 1885 – April 15, 1949) was an American film and stage actor. He is best known for his portrayal of Bill in Min and Bill (1930) opposite Marie Dressler, as General Director Preysing in Grand Hotel (1932), as Long John Silver in Treasure Island (1934), as Pancho Villa in Viva Villa!

Who was Wallace Beery married to?

Rita Gilmanm. 1924–1939
Gloria Swansonm. 1916–1919
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How old is Wallace Beery?

64 years (1885–1949)
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Was Wallace Beery a drunk?

“Beery didn’t like kids, that was for certain,” Cooper said in a telephone interview. “I can tell you I definitely remember Wallace Beery getting drunk and being arrested a few times for driving drunk, but I am not aware of the story you want to know about. “I was gone from MGM by 1937.

What killed Wallace Beery?

April 15, 1949
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Are Wallace Beery and Noah Beery related?

Noah Nicholas Beery (January 17, 1882 – April 1, 1946) was an American actor who appeared in films from 1913 until his death in 1946. He was the older brother of Academy Award-winning actor Wallace Beery as well as the father of prominent character actor Noah Beery Jr..

Is Noah Beery still alive?

Deceased (1913–1994)
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How old was Noah Beery Jr when he died?

81 years (1913–1994)
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Noah Beery Jr., a character actor whose career spanned six decades and who was best known for his work with James Garner in the television series “The Rockford Files,” died on Tuesday at his ranch about 10 miles from Tehachapi. He was 81. He underwent surgery on Sept.