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Is Petro same as TA?

Is Petro same as TA?

The Petro and TA brands will be operated separately, TA Chief Executive Officer Thomas O’Brien said in a statement. Petro operates and franchises 69 travel centers in 33 U.S. states. Of those, it owns and operates 44 travel centers, franchises 24 and operates one as part of a joint venture.

What is PumpSmart at TA?

The new “PumpSmart” feature is designed to save drivers time while fueling at TA, Petro Stopping Center or TA Express locations. The PumpSmart feature is available for UltraONE loyalty members paying for fuel with commercial payment cards*.

What does ta Petro stand for?

TravelCenters of America Inc.
The chain merged with National Auto/Truckstops in 1997, resulting in the new name TravelCenters of America Inc. (TA). In May 2007, TA acquired the operating businesses of the El Paso-based Petro Stopping Centers, and leased 40 Petro locations from HPT.

How do I redeem my TA points?

Redeeming UltraONE Points: Points can be redeemed in the travel store, at TA Truck Service or restaurants and for showers, parking and WiFi. *UltraONE points expire if account is inactive six (6) months or more. **UltraONE points will expire for active members after 24 months .

Can you use the TCS fuel card at TA Petro?

The TCS Fuel Card with TA® and Petro® make a great, money-saving team. Use the TCS Fuel Card at TA® and Petro® locations so you can save BIG right at the pump. The savings add up even more with $0 transaction fees on diesel when you fuel up at any TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, or TA Express® across the country.

How many points do you get at TA Petro?

Points – You earn points with every gallon you fuel, up to four points per gallon, and every dollar you spend at TA Truck Service or on Reserve-It! Parking. Points can be used in store, participating restaurants and at TA Truck Service or for showers, parking or WiFi.

Where can I get fuel discount at TA Petro?

All TCS Fuel Card clients can use the TCS Fuel Finder to locate the nearest TA®, Petro Stopping Centers®, or TA Express® along their route. That’s how you can find great fuel discounts and enjoy service and maintenance savings at TA Truck Service®.

Why is Petro card more than just fuel?

From cardlock and mobile fueling to fuels, we have the experience, expertise and products that will work for your company, fleet and budget. PetroCard provides detailed reporting, competitive prices and reduced paperwork. You’ll save time, money and be able to manage your fuel program more effectively.