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Where is Guerreiro?

Where is Guerreiro?

Le Blanc-Mesnil, France
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Does Guerreiro speak Portuguese?

Although born and raised in Paris, Raphael Guerreiro is Portuguese through and through. ”I have a French passport as well as a Portuguese one, but my heart has always beat for Portugal. I have always respected France, but I could never imagine playing for the French national team. ”

What position is Raphael Guerreiro?

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How old is Raphael Guerreiro?

27 years (December 22, 1993)
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Why did Raphael Guerreiro play Portugal?

1) Born in France, adopted by Portugal After coming through France’s renowned Clairefontaine academy, Guerreiro signed for Caen, where he pledged his international allegiance to his father’s homeland, Portugal, ahead of his country of birth.

Where is Raphael Guerreiro from?

How tall is Raphael Guerreiro feet?

5′ 7″
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Who is Sergio Guerreiro at Turismo de Portugal?

Sérgio Guerreiro is currently Senior Director for Knowledge Management and Innovation at Turismo de Portugal, being in charge of statistics, business intelligence, sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Why was Raphael Guerreiro called up by Portugal?

Borussia Dortmund have been left annoyed by the Portugal Football Association’s decision to call-up Raphael Guerreiro for the upcoming international break, even though the left-back is dealing with an injury.

Where does the last name Guerreiro come from?

This name uses Portuguese naming customs: the first or maternal family name is José and the second or paternal family name is Guerreiro.

Where did Raphael Guerreiro play in Euro 2016?

Guerreiro was selected by the main squad for their Euro 2016 campaign, playing the full 90 minutes in the first game, a 1–1 draw to Iceland in Saint-Étienne.