What does nothing but blue skies mean?

What does nothing but blue skies mean?

It means that things are going good, and that things feel easy.

Who wrote nothing but blue sky?

Kathleen MacMahon
Nothing But Blue Sky/Authors

Nothing But Blue Sky is Kathleen MacMahon’s third novel. Her first, This is How it Ends, published in 2012, was translated into more than twenty languages, spent five weeks at the top of the bestseller lists in Ireland, and was a Richard and Judy Book Club choice in the UK.

What are blue skies?

blue-skied, blue-sky·ing, blue-skies. To hold or express unrealistic or impractical views, especially in estimating something.

What does blue sky Thinking mean?

creative brainstorming
What is blue-sky thinking? Blue sky thinking is a form of creative brainstorming. If there were absolutely no limits, no judgments and no consequences, where could your imagination take you? The sky’s the limit.

Where does nothing but Blue Skies take place?

The result is a ruefully funny novel of embattled manhood, set in the country that McGuane has made his own: a Montana where cowboys slug it out with speculators, a cattleman’s best friend may be his insurance broker, and love and fishing are the only consolations that last. More Details…

How old is Frank Copenhaver in nothing but Blue Skies?

Unlike the former novel, however, this one deals with the foibles and humorous, impulsive (usually alcohol-induced) hijinks of Frank Copenhaver; a 43 year-old trout-fishing aficionado and family man who is forced suddenly to cope with the “blossoming of shadows” in what is his comedic downfall and a full-blown midlife crisis.

Who is Wick Ammon in nothing but Blue Skies?

When agent Cho approaches Wick Ammon in the bowling alley to question him, Wick introduces himself as a “sovereign citizen of the state of Texas.”, implying that Wick is a citizen of the Republic of Texas. Wick should have introduced himself as a “citizen of the sovereign Republic of Texas”.