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How do I transfer my ePO to another server?

How do I transfer my ePO to another server?


  1. Install a clean copy of the same or later version of ePO on another server.
  2. When the install is complete, export the following:
  3. Import to the new ePO server:
  4. Deploy McAfee Agent from the new ePO server, and force the installation over the existing versions.

How do I export my ePO policy?


  1. In the McAfee ePO interface, select Menu → Policy → Policy Catalog.
  2. From the Product drop-down list, select the current version of McAfee Client Proxy, then select a policy. The Client Proxy Settings pane opens.
  3. From the Actions drop-down list, select Export Policy to File.
  4. Click a link:
  5. Save the file.
  6. Click OK.

How do I import a McAfee ePO policy?

Import policy assignment rules — Perform these steps:

  1. Select Actions → Import.
  2. From the Actions Import page, click Choose File, navigate to the . xml file, then click OK.
  3. From the Importing page, select the policy assignment rule . xml file that you want to import, then click OK.

How do I restore my McAfee ePO database?


  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Type the logon and password information for the account specified and click Connect.
  3. Expand Databases.
  4. Right-click the ePO database where the default name is ePO_ and select Tasks, Restore, Database.

How to migrate policies and systems from one ePolicy orchestrator?

NOTE: Events, Threat Events, and any information saved in the SQL database is not transferred to the new ePO server. For ePO 5.10.x, see KB90383. For ePO 5.9.x, see KB87142. NOTE: Before you transfer, make sure that there are no duplicated systems on the old ePO server. In this way, you avoid issues with reporting.

How to migrate an EPO database to a new SQL Server?

On the current SQL Server, take a full backup of the ePO database using SQL Management Studio. If you are unfamiliar with this process, see KB52126. When complete, you have a backup ( .BAK) file. Copy the ( .BAK) file to the new SQL Server. Restore the backup file to the new server using SQL Management Studio.

How to restore the EPO database in management studio?

After the restore completes, the ePO database is visible in Management Studio on the new SQL Server. On the ePO server only, start the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Application Server service. Open a web browser and navigate to the “core/config-auth” database configuration page https://localhost:8443/core/config-auth by default.

How to install a copy of EPO on another server?

Run the default query with the name Duplicate Systems Names. Install a clean copy of the same or later version of ePO on another server. NOTE: For a link to ePO installation and best practice guides, see the Related Information section of this article.