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What are the main steps in writing a business plan?

One of the main components of a successful business is a well-organized business plan. Its main goal is to show the closest goals, financial costs, timeframes when profit should be expected. So what are the main steps to take?

How to make a business plan by yourself

It is enough to adhere to several rules to independently draw up a business plan: Identify all the advantages and disadvantages of your business. Determine your competitiveness in the market for products, analyze the market, payback period, etc. Then determine the amount of investment, the division of investment into several stages. It is necessary to make payback calculations.

Please note that the structure of the business plan is not regulated by any norms or standards. As an entrepreneur, you adjust the list of documents and the volume of the entire business plan. But note that when presenting a business plan to investors, you need to correctly and fully reflect the content of your document, so you can turn to professionals and buy a business plan online .

Document structure

A business plan has a specific structure, like any other document. We offer you step-by-step instruction on drawing up a business plan, which includes the main points that should be described.

You should start with a title page, set up to include:

  • project name;
  • name of the business plan developer;
  • date and place of writing.

Then follows a memorandum of confidentiality, since the preparation of a business plan is a complex process that makes Your business is competitive. Next comes the structure itself.


This section includes a brief description of the content of your business plan, the main idea and conclusion. The investor, having read the summary, should have an idea of what will be discussed further and what this idea will lead to. This is not a difficult section, which should be given a minimum of time.

Break the information into the following items:

  • amount of investments and loan funds;
  • repayment terms;
  • attracting all investors;
  • guarantees and risks;
  • planned payback periods.

Project Description and Company

This section consists of two parts.

Industry and company:

  • prospects of the chosen industry;
  • development of the company in the chosen direction;
  • general information about the company;
  • the structure of the company.

Services provided and products:

  • name, purpose;
  • short description;
  • application area;
  • competitiveness;
  • licenses, certificates, permits;
  • conditions of production of goods, sale or provision of services.

Marketing Plan

The main objective of this section is to convincingly show the relevance of your product or service.


  • market and competition;
  • analysis of the needs of the end user;
  • consumer characteristics of the service/product;
  • a plan to attract customers;
  • marketing plan costs.

Production plan

This section describes the entire production process and includes the technologies, equipment, innovations and other important components of production used.

The overall structure of the production plan:

  • major factors of production;
  • purchase of full production equipment;
  • labour, staff qualifications, salary costs;
  • planned production volumes, costs of materials and production;
  • counting the cost of goods.

Separately, highlight the item on the quality control of goods or services.

Organizational plan

This section describes who will do what in your company. It includes official duties, an internal system, a bonus system, etc.

The main thing you need to specify is the legal form of your business.

Also, describe:

  • company structure;
  • information about partners;
  • management staff, business units;
  • personnel development system, training, creation of a personnel reserve.

Financial plan

This is the main department of your business plan, not only for you but also for investors. Here you should describe the estimated costs, unforeseen expenses and receipts, forms of receipt of funds. It is important to specify the tax system and the types of documents that you plan to conclude in the future.


This section includes visual materials in the form of graphs, charts, tables, etc. The main objective of this section is to facilitate the graphic presentation of the material.