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Where can I watch live TV in Ghana?

Where can I watch live TV in Ghana?

Ghana TV Live. Watch Live Ghana TV. Ghana TV Live Brings You Your Favorite TV stations in Ghana. GTV, Adom TV, GHone TV Joy News Live, TV3 Ghana, TV Africa And Metro TV.

Which is the National Public Broadcaster of Ghana?

All Streams Are Live. Contact Us When Channel Is Offline Loading… Loading… GTV (Ghana TV) is Ghana’s national public broadcaster, run by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation. G..B.C TV.

How to watch Joy Prime live in Ghana?

In order to pay tribute and acknowledge the achievement of Ghana fashion industry, by holding an award ceremony. The online visitors can access Joy prime Live online and can watch any missed out episode of their favorite drama serial, or even to watch the latest one.

Who is Kwasi Twum, founder of Ghana Radio?

Founded in 1995 by a Ghanaian entrepreneur, Mr. Kwasi Twum, the company has grown from humble beginnings with 12 employees to directly employing some 700 people across its 6 radio brands, 3 online assets and Ghana’s first free multi channel television brand in over 25 years of operation.

How often does violent crime occur in Ghana?

Most cases occur at night. Nationwide, violent crime results in more than 500 deaths per year. Criminals frequently carry weapons; the most prevalent are locally manufactured pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Reliable sources estimate that there are 1.2 million unregistered guns in Ghana.

What are the crimes that are underreported in Ghana?

Rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence remain significantly underreported. Rape is punishable by 5-25 years in prison, though police often lack capacity to investigate and prosecute cases effectively. While domestic violence is a crime punishable by up to two years in prison and/or a fine, police rarely respond to reports of domestic violence.

What to do about ransomware attacks in Ghana?

Victims in Ghana have recently reported ransomware attacks, common throughout the world. Take necessary precautions, including vetting IT staff, preventing unauthorized access to servers, installing a virtual private network (VPN), controlling administrator passwords, and updating software and anti-virus programs.