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What is the purpose of AIFMD?

What is the purpose of AIFMD?

The primary goal of the AIFMD is to protect investors as well as reduce some of the systemic risk that alternative investment funds can pose to the EU and its economy.

What are AIFMD services?

An AIFM is defined as an entity that provides, at a minimum, portfolio management and risk management services to one or more AIFs as its regular business irrespective of where the AIFs are located or what legal form the AIFM takes.

Who does AIFMD apply?

The AIFMD applies not only to European Union (EU) AIFMs, but also to those non- EU AIFMs that are managing or marketing AIFMs in EU Member States which have transposed the AIFMD into national law.

What AIF means?

power of attorney. (redirected from AIF – attorney in fact)

What means AIF?

Accredited Investment Fiduciary
The Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) Designation is a professional certification that demonstrates an advisor or other person serving as an investment fiduciary has met certain requirements to earn and maintain the credential.

What is a master AIF?

an AIF in which another AIF (a feeder AIF) invests or has an exposure in accordance with the definition of ‘feeder AIF’.

What are AIFM fees?

Ireland offers a very attractive taxation regime for AIFMs with the AIFM being taxed at either 12.5% or 25% on its profits. investment by the AIFM in an AIF which it manages may also qualify for the 12.5% tax rate.

What does AIFM stand for?

The AIFM Directive (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) is a European Directive which has introduced a harmonised regulatory framework to which managers of alternative investment funds must comply as of 22 July 2013.

What is a ManCo?

A management company, a.k.a. ManCo, is a company that performs collective portfolio management services (e.g. portfolio management, administration and marketing) of UCITS and/or alternative investment funds. ManCos offer their services to people or entities other than investment funds under a mandate by the investors.

What is UCITS V?

The UCITS V Directive (“UCITS V”) amends the regulatory framework for Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (“UCITS”) to address issues relating to the depositary function, manager remuneration and administrative sanctions.

Why is it called AIF?

The Australian Imperial Force, first raised in 1914 for overseas war service, became better known by its initials – the “AIF”. It was a separate and purely volunteer army. There was a distinct character to those who enlisted in the earliest months and who were destined to fight on Gallipoli.

What does AIFM stand for in investment management?

Investment management includes portfolio management and risk management. AIFM may also perform administrative and marketing functions, and activities related to the assets of the AIF6. The AIFMD makes a distinction between internally managed AIF and externally managed AIF:

How are alternative investment funds managed under the AIFMD?

The AIFMD does note in its preamble1that, depending on their legal form, it should be possible for alternative investment funds falling under the directive (“AIFs”) to be either externally or internally managed and that AIFs that do not appoint an external AIFM will themselves constitute the AIFM.

What is the scope of the AIFMD report?

The scope of the AIFMD covers portfolio management and risk management (the core activities of an AIFM) as well as other functions including but not limited to depositary, valuation, administration, reporting to investors and regulators, and marketing of alternative investment funds (AIFs).

What is the purpose of the AIFMD in Europe?

The AIFMD essentially lays down the rules for the authorisation, ongoing operation and transparency of fund managers that manage and/or market alternative investment funds (AIF) in the European Union.