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How much do a Maserati SUV cost?

How much do a Maserati SUV cost?

How Much Does the Maserati Levante Cost? The Maserati Levante carries a starting MSRP of $78,290. That’s much higher than most other starting prices in the class. There are three other trims, with the range-topping Levante Trofeo starting at $153,090.

What is the Maserati SUV called?

Maserati Levante
The Maserati Levante (Tipo M161) is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV based on the Kubang concept car that debuted at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, and built by Maserati at the Mirafiori factory in Turin, Italy starting in 2016.

Is there a Maserati SUV?

Undoubtedly SUV, unmistakably Maserati. The Levante is born from our grand touring tradition to take you anywhere.

What is the Maserati SUV based on?

Chrysler 300C
The actual car, called the Maserati Levante, is based on the Maserati large cars (Ghibli and Quattroporte), which are loosely based on the Chrysler 300C. They are using an engine whose creation was led by Paolo Martinelli, developed by Maserati, and made by Ferrari.

What kind of car is the Maserati SUV?

A captivating blend of race-bred performance and sophisticated style in a luxury sedan. The Maserati Super Sports Car that pushes the boundaries of time. Race audaciously into a brave new future. The ultimate combination of leading on-road performance and off-road capabilities in a Maserati SUV.

What is the history of the Maserati Levante?

Experience the commanding SUV born from our grand touring tradition to take you anywhere. Exhilarating performance, with the luxuries and comfort of a prestigious grand tourer. The Levante embodies the enduring and audacious spirit of Maserati, its SUV design adds another compelling dimension to a story that dates back over 100 years.

Is the Maserati Q4 intelligent all wheel drive?

With the stability of Maserati Q4 intelligent all-wheel drive, the Levante maintains its refined composure even when the going gets tough. In every aspect of its design, the Levante is authentically Maserati—from its powerful, dynamic style to its purity of purpose, down to the smallest detail.

What’s the best way to drive a Maserati?

The Maserati Super Sports Car that pushes the boundaries of time. Race audaciously into a brave new future. Based on manufacturer testing. Always drive carefully, consistent with conditions. Always wear your seatbelt and obey posted speed limits. HAS requires the driver to keep his or her hands on the steering wheel at all times.

How much is a Maserati G?

Currently, 2021 Maserati vehicle pricing ranges from $74,740 for a 2021 Ghibli and $78,290 for a 2021 Levante to $104,890 for a 2021 Quattroporte.

Is it worth buying a Maserati GT?

The dashboard of the GranTurismo is incredibly outdated, leaving most owners feeling relatively disappointed. At MSRP, the older generations of GranTurismo are absolutely not worth the money and considering the depreciation record for Maserati cars, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a new one either.

Are Maserati expensive to maintain?

Maseratis are appealing cars, but should only be bought for a daily driver by those who have the dollars to spare. Why? Because, they are expensive to maintain; and even if you do it yourself, the parts are foreign and pricey.

Are there any 2016 Maserati’s for sale on AutoTrader?

Autotrader has 284 Maserati cars for sale, including a Certified 2016 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible, a Certified 2016 Maserati GranTurismo Sport, and a Used 2016 Maserati GranTurismo Convertible.

What kind of style does a Maserati SUV have?

Surpass all expectations with a refined style that never deceives. Dramatic SUV proportions are balanced with graceful lines and muscular forms that are all about dynamic purpose. Maserati Connect is effortless and streamlined to give you the power to take it to the next level.

How much does a Maserati Quattroporte GTS cost?

This car (Maserati Quattroporte GTS) brand new ranges from 125-140,000 dollars off the showroom floor. According to KBB, in 4 years, this car has lost 100,000 dollars in value. Looks good, but if it depreciates by this much in 4 years, I would not recommend buying it NEW, buy it when it is 2-3 years old!!! Was this review helpful? Yes | No

What kind of all wheel drive does the Maserati Levante have?

The power of the Levante is under your control thanks to the Q4 Intelligent All-Wheel Drive System, standard on all of the Levante trims, that ensures even greater handling in any given condition.