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What is the highest placement in BITS Pilani?

What is the highest placement in BITS Pilani?

Placement Statistics

2018-20 2017-19
Students Participating in Placements 57 77
Annual Compensation Details (CTC in Lakh Rs.)
Highest 13.03 15.00
Top 25 % Average 10.87 13.35

Do mtech students get stipend at BITS Pilani?

Students admitted to a HD programme based on their GATE or GPAT scores will receive a tuition fee waiver of Rs. 60,500/- per semester. Students admitted to a HD programme based on their scores in HD Test or interviews conducted by BITS Pilani will receive a stipend of Rs. 13,400/- p.m.

Is BITS Pilani mtech good?

Facilities : Research facilities are excellent at BITS, it is on par with old IITs and much much better then newer IITs. Sports facilities are also excellent, you can play and learn any sport of your choice.

Is BITS Pilani equivalent to IIT?

When it comes to college environment and campus ambience, BITS Pilani scores over IITs. At IITs, students still study Engineering Drawing while BITSians are being trained in AutoCad for Engineering Graphics they learn.

Is Vit better than bits?

Definitely BITS Pilani is best for CSE department and is widely renowned campus across India for its Placements and Crore plus salary package. Return on Investment is better at BITS and is ranked way higher than VIT.

Does bits have 100 percent placement?

Placements: Almost 98% of the students got placed in 2020 placements. The highest salary package offered is about 40 LPA, and the lowest salary package offered is around 8 LPA. Top companies like Google, Microsoft, Dell, Amazon, Reliance, etc., offered placements. Around 150 companies visit our campus every year.

How can I get scholarship in BITS Pilani?

Students who have secured top three positions(First, Second and Third position) in 12th standard in their respective boards (General Secondary Education Certificate Exam of Ministry of Education, UAE or CBSE-India or any other State, National or International Board) are given a merit scholarship of 100%, 75% and 50% of …

What is the salary after M Tech?

The average salary of an MTech graduate is somewhere around 8 Lakhs to 11 Lakhs annually and pursuing MBA after MTech, you can expect a whopping salary hike of 25% to 30%.

Does bits accept JEE score?

You can not get admission in BITS through JEE Mains, you will have to appear for BITSAT to get admission in any BITS campuses.

Is BITS Goa better than IIT?

Bits pilani and Bits goa CSE are considered best and better than many IIT’s and nit’s. If you want just an IIT tag instead of having other option , that totally depends on your choice . Nevertheless both colleges provide excellent level of engineering education.

Is bits easier than Jee?

BITSAT is easier than the JEE Main exam but it is a lot more competitive. While 15 students compete for each IIT seat, there are as many as 79 students competing for each seat in BITS Pilani campuses. In JEE Main, candidates have more time in hand.

How often do BITS Pilani students get placements?

BITS Pilani campuses schedule two placement seasons every year. Our students work in industry for one of the two semesters in their final year as part of the Practice School programme and are available only part of the…

Which is the best MTech branch in BITS Pilani?

MTech CSE branch clearly dominates every other branch in terms of offering the average and median CTC i.e. Rs 17.81 LPA and Rs 17.76 LPA, respectively during 2019 placements drive. The below graph demonstrates the same: BITS Pilani recorded 100% placements for its CSE branch in 2019 placements drive.

Which is the highest package in BITS Pilani?

During final placements 2020, BITS Pilani students witnessed the highest package of Rs 15 LPA in MBA domain. A few more highlights for the year 2020 are mentioned in the table below with a comparison to 2019:

Which is the highest salary for BITS Pilani MBA?

The maximum number of students were offered packages between 6-8 LPA (34%). On comparing the salary packages of the last 3 years for MBA students, it is evident that in 2018, the salaries were highest at 17.35 LPA. In 2019, the highest package came down to 15.96 LPA. MBA Students of BITS Pilani were offered different roles by the various companies.