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What episode do they kiss in Hotel del Luna?

What episode do they kiss in Hotel del Luna?

Episode 4: “Don’t make a sound.” Powerful kiss ending.

Did IU really kiss?

While IU has mainly played character roles in musical dramas, there was this one instance when she shared a very hot and steamy on-screen kiss.

Which drama has most kissing scene?

Top 10 Kissing Scenes From K-Dramas That Had Us Blushing

  • 7 Ahn So-hee & Cha Young-bin Cliff Kiss (Entourage)
  • 8 Ae-ra & Dong-man “I Like You” Kiss (Fight For My Way)
  • 9 Se-yeon & Cha Min Bedroom Kiss (Abyss)
  • 10 Han Se-joo & Jeon Seol Past Kiss (Chicago Typewriter)

What is Hotel del Luna last episode?

Episode 16
Hotel Del Luna/Latest episode

Hotel del Luna Episode 16 Recap (Final) 1300 years ago, Goddess Mago (SEO YI-SOOK) and Reaper (KANG HONG-SUK) watch a family of three dying in a forest. The parents are already dead, but their young daughter fights to stay alive.

Is there romance in Hotel Del Luna?

Hotel Del Luna is unlike any k-drama we’ve ever seen before! The brilliant mixture of romance and supernatural will make you dream about living inside this k-drama world!

Is Hotel Del Luna a happy ending?

In choosing not to enact her revenge, Mrs. Choi ensured a happy ending for all, herself included. It was also especially touching to see Man Wol ask Mrs. Choi for a hug before she leaves and thank her long-time employee for her kindness over the years.

Is there romance in Hotel del Luna?

What happens in Room 404 Hotel Del Luna?

As Sanchez goes to hug Veronica one last time, the eclipse ends and she disappears. The next morning, the human couple walk out of their room into a completely different hotel. So this is the secret of Room 404—it ensures that Hotel del Luna’s human guests can never find the hotel again.

Is Hotel Del Luna funny?

The Hong Sisters’ trademark humor Combining horror, romance, and comedy has become one of the Hong Sisters’ trademarks after their success with “Master’s Sun” in 2013. In “Hotel Del Luna,” the comedy comes from the witty dialogue between Jang Man Wol (IU) and Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo).

What’s the name of the hug in K drama?

Another iconic form of K-drama hugs is the run hug, which usually occurs when one character returns from a dangerous task and their lover sees them for the first time afterward. A memorable run hug takes place in “The K2” between Kim Je Ha ( Ji Chang Wook) and Anna ( YoonA ).

Why did Song Hye kyo and Song Joong ki hug?

Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki’s chemistry carries the emotional impact of this scene, as they squeeze each other tightly and lean into the other. They perfectly capture how it feels to hold your loved one close after thinking they were gone forever.

Why did Chan Sung give Man wol a hug?

While the pair often clash in the beginning, Chan Sung eventually breaks down Man Wol’s walls and helps her gain the love and peace she needs to move on to the afterlife. While they have many impassioned hugs, their hug when Man Wol asks him to stay by her side even if she disappears leaves a deep impression.

What kind of hugs make your heart swell?

There are many types to be admired — back hugs, run hugs, lift hugs, reunion hugs, and more — and they have the power to make our hearts soar with butterflies or swell with tears.