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What is LLSA ABEM?

What is LLSA ABEM?

Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (LLSA) tests are designed to. promote continuous learning for certified emergency physicians. Each year, ABEM provides a set of readings and an open-book, self-assessment test based on those readings.

What happens if you fail ABEM qualifying exam?

If a board eligible physician delays an Oral Certification Examination by declining an assignment or by failing the examination, ABEM will guarantee an assignment to one of the examination administrations two years after the year in which the physician declines or fails the examination.

How long are LLSA tests?

five years
Each LLSA test consists of 20 to 30 questions. Each test will remain online from April 1 of that year through March 31, five years later.

How do I get a LLSA article?

The EM LLSA articles (and some EMS, Medical Toxicology, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine articles) are available at no cost via the ACEP website. If you are not an ACEP member, you can still create an account to access the articles. Click here to go directly to the ACEP website.

What kind of llsa tests are required for Abem?

ABEM-certified physicians are required to complete four LLSA activities in the first five-year period of their ten-year certification. Physicians can take any combination of EM, Emergency Medical Services, Medical Toxicology, and Pediatric Emergency Medicine LLSA tests to meet their requirement.

Are there any optional CME activities with Abem?

Optional CME activities are available with ABEM LLSA tests published in and after 2011, including Medical Toxicology and Emergency Medical Services LLSAs. A passing score is achieved by answering 85% of the test questions correctly. LLSA tests are automatically scored when when they are submitted. The score will be available online immediately.

What is the purpose of continuing ABEM certification?

The purpose of continuing certification is to establish the highest standards of patient care and promote continuous learning and assessment among ABEM-certified physicians. The four components of ABEM’s continuing certification process include:

How does an American Board of emergency medicine certification work?

The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) certifies emergency physicians who meet its educational, professional, and examination standards. Certification by ABEM demonstrates expertise in Emergency Medicine.