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What is 5 star on Jitterbug phone?

What is 5 star on Jitterbug phone?

medical alert monitoring service
This product is a “senior friendly” cell phone, but it has a button which lets you call the medical alert monitoring service (called 5 star) which is provided by the manufacturer (GreatCall).

How do you get rid of the 5 star jitterbug?

1. To turn your 5Star Responder off, press and hold the Power Button for at least 3 seconds. 2. You will hear a voice prompt that says “Powering Off.” The device is now off.

What is a Jitterbug phone?

Jitterbug flip phones and smartphones (now known as Lively Flip and Lively Smart) are built with the goal of providing cell phone service to an under-served senior population. They’re easy to use, easy to see thanks to big display screens and easy to understand.

How does 5Star urgent response medical alert work?

•5Star Urgent Response is the only medical alert system that does not come with a base station. Hence, it has unlimited range. Seniors can use it anywhere and get help with the press of a button. •All devices come with an in-built GPS that helps the monitoring agent to determine your exact location.

How does the 5 star urgent response pendant work?

5 Star Urgent Response pendant has a powerful and sensitive speaker and microphone as well. It also has a built-in GPS that allows the monitoring agent to identify your location. You will receive help even if you are unable to speak. In spite of the help button, cellular device, speaker, microphone and the GPS,…

What happens when you press the help button on 5Star?

Monitoring Features When a senior presses the help button, the internal wireless component automatically calls the monitoring center. A 5Star Urgent Response agent will establish two-way communication with the senior and understand the emergency before contacting relevant authorities. Users will receive help within minutes.

What can great call 5 star agents do for You?

LiveNurse Service – When you call your Great Call 5 Star agents, they can also connect you to a registered nurse, depending on the severity of your condition. The nurses are available round the clock. Many seniors get professional advice for their health-related questions and concerns during non-working hours and days.