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What do forward support companies do?

What do forward support companies do?

Typically, an FSC (whether it belongs to a BCT or an engineer battalion) provides field feeding, vehicle and shop maintenance, fuel and water support, and distribution operations. The main difference between the units is the manner in which the FSCs receive the support taskings.

What is forward support company?

The Forward Support Companies (FSC) provide direct logistic support to each maneuver battalion in a Brigade Combat Team (BCT).

What is a maintenance platoon?

The maintenance platoon, FSC, provides field maintenance (organizational and DS level) to itself and its supported maneuver BN/TF. The platoon consists of a headquarters section, maintenance control section (MCS), recovery section, maintenance and service section, and the combat repair teams.

Who provides additional maintenance support to FSC maintenance platoon when they have exceeded their capabilities?

The FSB provides backup support to the FSC when requirements exceed its capabilities. The CSS structure’s capability to project, receive, and support the task force directly affects the effectiveness of the task force and its ability to accomplish its mission. Figure 10-3.

How big is a Forward Support Company in the Army?

The forward support company is a 233-Soldier, multifunctional unit that includes a distribution platoon and a maintenance platoon organized to provide support to a maneuver battalion (FM 4-90.1). This is intentionally a very broad mission statement.

What does a Forward Support Company ( FSC ) do?

Each FSC is organized to support a spe- cific type of battalion or squadron. The FSC provides field feeding, bulk fuel, general supply, ammunition, and field maintenance. Conceptually, each maneuver bat- talion can carry a one-day load of basic supplies on its combat systems.

Which is the optimal employment of the Forward Support Company?

(Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL In brigade combat team (BCT) decisive action operations, many forward support companies (FSCs) do not provide maximum operational reach and optimal logistics support because they are not effectively organized across all sustainment echelons.

How does the distribution platoon in the Army work?

The distribution platoon receives, transloads, and distributes all classes of supply minus Class VIII; although the platoon may distribute Class VIII based on battalion SOPs. The platoon may distribute supplies via unit distribution (combat logistics patrols [CLPs]), supply point distribution (FOB-centric), or both.