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Is pellet bedding good for horses?

Is pellet bedding good for horses?

Energy Pellets of America’s animal bedding pellets contain no chemical additives. This means they are safe for you and your horse. Pellets are low in dust and safer alternative for people and horses with respiratory issues. Stalls or habitats bedded with wood pellets are easy to clean.

Is it safe to use pine pellet cat litter?

Is it safe to use pine pellets as cat litter? Yes, wood pellets, in general, are an excellent substitute for non-biodegradable cat litter. They are environmentally friendly because their substrate is wood. Pine pellet litter is made of compressed wood fiber.

Can I use horse pine pellets for cat litter?

Horse bedding – pelleted bedding for horses, also called equine bedding, can also work for cat litter even though it is not specifically marketed as such. However, it is made of 100% pine, just like the cat litter brands and it’s much less expensive. You can find this stuff sold at places like Tractor Supply.

What is pine pellet bedding?

Pine Pellet Horse Bedding That Is. Highly Absorbent. Condensed pine wood bedding pellet is the next generation of horse bedding. Our pellets are manufactured to higher standards than other horse bedding pellets on the market. We start with only kiln-dried/high heat treated pine shavings.

Where can I get pine pellets for horse bedding?

Pine Pellets Horse Bedding – 40 Lb. Bag Delivered to home. Select Your Store. Is this available at my local store? Equine Fresh® Pine Pellets Horse Bedding cuts stall cleaning time in half! It is easier and more economical than shavings. The pine pellets are dust free, mold, bacteria and insect resistant. Reduces waste – making optimal compost.

What kind of wood do you use for horse bedding?

So do our horses! EquinePure Pellets are pine horse stable bedding pellets made from the pure heart of pine(that’s the soft wood inside of the trunk). That means our pine bedding is 100% bark and tar free. Also, unlike sawdust and shavings, there is no dust, no shards and no contaminants in EquinePure horse bedding pellets.

Are there any chemicals in equinepure pine pellets?

EquinePure Pine Pellets EquinePure Pelleted horse stable bedding pellets are free of chemicals, pesticides, contaminents and recycled material of any kind. Free of stones, dirt, metal and insects. No oils, fragrances, herbs or any other substance present that may cause a positive swab.

What makes equine Pine better for the environment?

Made from 100% kiln-dried pine pellets, Equine Pine is cleaner, more absorbent, and costs less in the long run versus other horse stall bedding. Equine Pine is made of 100% pure pine pellets that absorb moisture and destroy odors naturally. The unique make-up of Pine wood bonds with the ammonia and neutralizes it fast!