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Is Salesforce a skill?

Is Salesforce a skill?

According to Burning Glass research, Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand software skill ahead of IT skills such as Python, . Salesforce is also a complementary skill alongside other IT skills that require a heavy amount of programming including SQL, Java, Oracle and JavaScript.

What technical skills should I put on my resume?

2. List of Technical Skills for Resumes (by Industry)Management. Technical skills for managers may involve company or industry-specific methods or processes. Business Analysis. Accounting. Project Management. Engineering. Marketing. Nursing. Information Technology (IT)

What soft skills should I put on resume?

As you’re building your list of soft skills for your resume, consider these examples to guide you:1 Communication. 2 Teamwork. 3 Adaptability. 4 Problem-Solving. 5 Creativity. 6 Work Ethic. 7 Interpersonal Skills. 8 Time Management.

What soft skills are important?

Soft skills are useful both in our professional and personal lives. Let’s have a look at some specific examples supporting the importance of soft skills….6. Soft skills are in high demand by recruitersCommunication.Organisation.Teamwork.Critical thinking.Social skills.Creativity.Interpersonal communication.Adaptability.