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How do you get to the Iceberg Lounge in Batman Arkham City?

How do you get to the Iceberg Lounge in Batman Arkham City?

Get ready, as in a few moments you will be attacked by Tiny, Penguin’s pet-shark. Start rhythmically pressing X #2 to defeat the beast. Now you can finish going west and afterwards use the Grapnel Gun to reach the upper balcony #1. Go west and soon you should reach a door leading into the Iceberg Lounge #2.

How do you get past the penguin in the Iceberg Lounge?

Iceberg Lounge Move left around the room until you reach a catwalk leading right to the Penguin. Equip the Freeze Override (called a Disruptor in the inventory menu) and use it on the Penguin. Approach him and press X to uppercut the arrogant blankety-blank into next Tuesday.

What does Batman do in the museum in Arkham City?

This is the walkthrough for the Museum level in Batman: Arkham City . In this chapter, Batman goes after The Penguin, who has captured Mr. Freeze, the manufacturer of Joker ‘s cure. Tortured police officers, pet sharks, a murderous zombie and trick umbrellas stand in Batman’s way.

Is there a walkthrough for Batman Arkham City?

Welcome all to the IGN walkthrough for Batman: Arkham City. The main walkthrough will take you from point A to point B, forgoing all the Side Missions you’ll come across. We encourage you to take your time exploring this dismal, corrupt city, as there are many people to save, things to see, Collectibles to procure, and bad guys to wrangle.

What’s the next Enigma in Batman Arkham City?

After completing a fair number of riddles and picking up 160 Collectables and destruction items, we have now unlocked the next hostage in the chain — or rather the next Enigma Code! The Riddle is: “I have a head, and a tail, but never any legs.

How do I get into the Iceberg Lounge the second time?

Leave the museum completely, then go to the right side of the museum and you’ll see a door (may be guarded by some thugs). You’ll have to use this door to enter the Iceberg lounge from that point on, as it becomes impossible to enter via the normal door. You’re browsing GameFAQs Q&A as a guest.