How do I get my magazine on Apple Newsstand?

How do I get my magazine on Apple Newsstand?

Click on the app that you want to turn into a Newsstand magazine. Select “Newsstand” from the Links menu. Press “Enable” and then upload a newsstand cover that meets the standards lists on the Newsstand for Developers page. Click “Save” to finalize your changes.

How do you download magazines from Apple News?

Download issues

  1. Open the News app.
  2. On your iPhone or iPod touch, tap News+ at the bottom of the app. On your iPad or Mac, go to the sidebar and tap or click News+.
  3. Find the issue that you want to download.
  4. Tap or click the below the cover.
  5. Tap or click Download Issue.

How do I view my Apple magazine subscriptions?

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  1. Go to Apple’s App Store app on your iOS device.
  2. Search for your magazine name.
  3. Click the “Open” button.
  4. Find the “In-App Restore” button inside the app and click it.
  5. Download the current issue of your magazine.

What is the Newsstand app on the iPhone?

Newsstand was a built-in application on Apple Inc. ’s iOS devices: the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It was dedicated to downloading and displaying digital versions of newspapers and magazines. It was replaced by Apple News in iOS 9 .

Can you read magazines on Apple News app?

To read magazines in the News app, subscribe to Apple News+ . Learn more about Apple News+ and Apple News+ pricing. Apple News+ is available only in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. If you don’t subscribe to Apple News+, you can still read the latest headlines and other stories in the News app.

Where do I find Apple News on my Mac?

On your Mac, click News in the menu bar at the top of your screen, then choose Clear History > Clear All. If you don’t subscribe to Apple News+, you can read the latest headlines and stories in the News app. If you’re an Apple News+ subscriber, you might also see some premium content in the Today tab.

How to get the latest Apple news headlines?

Read the latest headlines in the Apple News app 1 Explore the News app. To get the latest version of the Apple News app, update your iPhone or iPod touch to the latest version of iOS, iPad to the latest 2 Read a story. Browse Top Stories and Trending Stories and more in the Today feed. 3 More ways to stay up to date with Apple News.