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How do I replace Potterton EP2002?

How do I replace Potterton EP2002?

There isnt a direct replacement for the EP2002, so you will need to change the back plate, which means to swap the programmer over you need to terminate the wires on the new back plate. The EP2 is sufficient for your needs, but you can chose any CH and HW programmer, you dont need to stick with a Potterton.

How do I uninstall Potterton EP2002?

There is a rectangular slot on the lower edge on the right hand side. Insert a large flat screwdriver and push upwards, the panel will hinge from the bottom and lift off the wall plate exposing live terminals.

How do I remove Potterton EP2000?

Simple turn of the power to the central heating system and make sure you have isolated with the correct switch or fuse. Once you are sure the electricity is off you can release the retaining clip which engages in a small slot. You will need to gently press the tongue in to pivot off the old EP2000.

Does Nest Heat Link replace programmer?

Heat Link replaces either your programmer (if you have a 2nd or 3rd gen Nest Learning Thermostat) or your existing thermostat (if you have a Nest Thermostat E). Working together, Heat Link and your Nest thermostat combine the functionality of a thermostat and a programmer, so you no longer need a programmer.

Which is the programmer manual for Potterton ep2001?

Potterton ep2001 timer manuals potterton ep2002 programmer manual – educational books and potterton controls customer guide for the ep2000/ep2002/ep3002 1) the, 2009-11-09в в· existing programmer is a potterton ep2002, ch or dhw..if you look in the instructions for that it time controls -> lp programmer -> lp installation.

Where can I download a Potterton EP wiring diagram?

Free repair help Heating, Home Heating Systems – potterton ep wiring diagram.Sep 17, · Does anyone know where i can download an installation guide / wiring diagram for a Potterton EP heating controller. I need to fit a hot water thermostat to .

Can you exchange the Potterton ep2000 for the EP2002?

This clock is produced by Potterton and is designed to exchange with the EP2000 and the EP2002. When you buy the EP2 the replacement is fast and only requires a small screwdriver and turning of the power supply for a few minutes. The EP2 is an updated direct swop which will give a modern touch but will look very similar.

What is the best direct replacement for the Potterton EP?

What is the best direct replacement for the potterton ep – I need to wiring up if you take a picture of the wiring base & wiring diagram in. wiring diagram required to change the thorn programmer in a myson apollo 40s boiler to a potterton myson EP programmer.