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Should formula fed babies poop smell?

Should formula fed babies poop smell?

As their gut becomes colonized with bacteria, the stool becomes smellier. This is a normal process. Breast-fed babies usually don’t have very smelly stools, while formula-fed babies often have a more pungent odor. Generally speaking, poop stinks, and there’s not much we can do about it.

Why does my baby’s poop smell rancid?

The scent is most often a reflection of how long the poop was in the intestines—the longer it sits in bacteria, the more it’ll smell. However, some babies with very sour- or foul-smelling poop may have an intolerance or allergy.

When should I worry about baby poop smell?

Usually, as long as your baby is having frequent bowel movements and their stool is soft, the smell isn’t a concern. Let your pediatrician know if you notice loose, green stools, or a smell you’re worried about. Your baby may have an allergy or intolerance to something in your diet.

How does baby poop change with formula?

Formula-fed babies tend to have poop that’s a bit darker and firmer than breastfed baby poop. Their poop may be the consistency of hummus and color can range from yellow to greenish-brown or tan.

What kind of poop does a formula fed baby have?

Formula Fed Baby Poop Healthy formula fed baby poop is typically a shade of yellow or brown with a pasty consistency that is peanut butter like. Formula-fed babies also pass fewer, but bigger and more odorous stools than breastfed babies. 4. Partially Digested Food in Baby Poop

What makes a baby’s poop smell so strong?

1. What they eat – What babies eat as well as their health will make the smell more or less strong. Breastfed babies often do not have strong smelling stools. A study from 2001 found that the stools of formula-fed babies contained a lot more odor-causing sulfur gases than breast milk poop.

What are normal bowel movements for formula-fed babies?

Once the meconium has passed, the bowel movements of a formula-fed baby are typically yellow, tan, brown, or green. As long as there isn’t blood in the stool, any color is normal. A formula-fed baby’s stool is a little bit firmer than a breastfed baby’s, about the consistency of peanut butter.

Is it bad when your baby is constipated on Formula?

A constipated baby is one of the few things worse than the smell of a really poopy diaper. If you’ve recently switched your little one to formula, you may notice that their poops are a little harder and less frequent. You might also notice a change in bowel movements if you’ve introduced solids to your little one’s diet.