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Are any of the McGuire Sisters living?

Are any of the McGuire Sisters living?

Ms. McGuire, who was 89 and the last surviving McGuire sister, died Dec. 29 at her home in Las Vegas. Her death was announced in a paid notice in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper.

Where is Phyllis McGuire’s home in Vegas?

100 Rancho Cir, Las Vegas, NV
100 Rancho Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89107. Property Overview – One-of-a-kind mansion, home of Phyllis McGuire, 28,000 sq. ft. property, open floor-plan, ballrooms, cabaret lounge, numerous bars, and sitting rooms.

Who did Phyllis McGuire leave her money to?

Mike Davis
Phyllis McGuire’s Mansion McGuire reportedly paid $5 million in 1980 for a full-scale renovation on the property she originally purchased in 1967, right around when the McGuire Sisters retired from public appearances. She shared the estate with longtime companion Mike Davis, an oil tycoon who preceded her in death.

How old were the McGuire Sisters when died?

McGuire’s sister Dorothy died in 2012 at the age of 84, while Christine died in 2018 at 92.

Where does Phyllis McGuire of the McGuire Sisters live?

Live in Las Vegas Just Like Phyllis McGuire of The McGuire Sisters! Strange takes a whole new turn in the McGuire Sisters’ Las Vegas home. The McGuire Sisters, a musical trio once known for their “sweet harmonies, identical outfits and hairdos, and synchronized body movements and gestures” are beloved ladies of the ‘50s.

Who is the youngest of the McGuire Sisters?

FILE – In this Tuesday, Dec. 12, l995. file photo, Phyllis McGuire, the youngest of The McGuire Sisters, smiles after receiving a cluster of balloons from longtime friends Debbie Reynolds and Rip Taylor at her home in Las Vegas.

How big is the McGuire sister’s house in Las Vegas?

Whether or not you can envision living in this 28,000 square foot mansion, the McGuire sister’s home is worth studying for its immaculate representation of a time and era when Sin City was a glamorous playground for Hollywood’s most elite – and most scandalous.

What did Dorothy McGuire of the McGuire Sisters die of?

Christine McGuire, Phyllis McGuire and Dorothy McGuire of The McGuire Sisters. Dorothy McGuire Williamson, who with her sisters Phyllis and Christine formed the Fifties vocal trio the McGuire Sisters, has died at her son’s house near Phoenix, The Associated Press reports. She was 84. Williamson had Parkinson’s disease and age-related dementia.