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What months are the wet season in Darwin?

What months are the wet season in Darwin?

The wet season (November – April) The wet season in Darwin is characterised by high humidity, monsoonal rains and storms. Average temperatures range from 24.7 – 32 °C (76.5 – 89.6°F), and humidity can push past 80 per cent. The average annual rainfall is 1727.3 mm (68 inches) and January is the wettest month.

What is the wet season in Australia?

The ‘wet season’: November – April The wet season in Australia’s north is characterised by very hot days, high humidity, monsoonal rains and possible cyclones, but it’s not without its drawcards.

What causes wet and dry seasons in northern Australia?

The wet weather results from the hot and humid conditions that develop across the north of Australia. With the relentless sun beating down on the moisture-starved land after months without rain during the dry season, heat is transferred to the atmosphere above, causing it to expand.

Is Northern Australia dry?

You’re probably familiar with northern Australia’s two seasons: the dry season (April to October) and the wet tropical summer (November to March). Each season has different attractions for Kakadu visitors. Some areas of the park are closed by flooding during the tropical summer.

When is the rainy season in Australia?

Also known as the Indo-Australian Monsoon. The rainy season occurs from September to February and it is a major source of energy for the Hadley circulation during boreal winter.

What are the weather seasons in Australia?

Spring: September – November (lovely)

  • Summer: December – February (hot)
  • Autumn: March – May (lovely)
  • but not really cold)
  • What is the average temperature in Australia year round?

    Australia has a tropical climate. The summers are much rainier than the winters in Australia. According to Köppen and Geiger , this climate is classified as Aw. In Australia, the average annual temperature is 25.0 °C.

    What are winter months in Australia?

    It refers to the actual months of winter in Australia: June 1 through to August 31. These months are the official definition of winter in Australia, as well as the coldest months in most parts of Australia.