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What is the SMTP server for Hotmail?

What is the SMTP server for Hotmail?
Hotmail SMTP Server: Hotmail SMTP Port: 587.

What is my IMAP4 server?

The incoming mail server for an IMAP account may also be called the IMAP server. For example, if your e-mail provider is, the incoming mail server is likely This server sends your messages. It may also be called the SMTP server.

What is the incoming mail server host name for Hotmail? (Hotmail): POP3

1 Your Name: The display name you’d like others to see.
2 E-mail Address: Your main address of the Microsoft Account in full ([email protected], [email protected] or [email protected])
3 Account Type: POP3
4 Incoming mail server:
5 Outgoing mail server:

What is the Hotmail Exchange server?

Connecting to your Windows Live Hotmail email account with the Hotmail Exchange ActiveSync server lets you access incoming messages and online folders in an Exchange-enabled email client on your mobile device. You can also access Windows Live Hotmail using POP3, and send mail from Hotmail using SMTP.

Does Hotmail support IMAP?

The Internet Message Access Protocol ( IMAP) is one of the two most prevalent Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval (the other being POP). Hotmail does not support IMAP. According to Wikipedia, following free webmail services do support IMAP: Gmail, AOL Mail, the Russian provider

What are the server settings for Hotmail?

Hotmail SMTP Server :

  • Hotmail SMTP Port : 587
  • Hotmail Security : STARTTLS
  • Hotmail SMTP Password : Your Windows Live Hotmail password
  • What is Hotmail incoming server?

    Hotmail POP and IMAP servers refer to the incoming servers, POP and IMAP is what allows you to download messages from Hotmail servers onto your computer through an email client. See the difference between POP and IMAP here.

    How can I access my Hotmail inbox?

    If you have an account and want to access your Hotmail inbox, simply take the following steps: Go to From there, you will see a “Hotmail” icon. Once you click on this, you will directed to the sign-in page. To access your inbox, enter your email address and password. Make sure your address is spelled correctly.