How do you cross the bridge in 17 minutes riddle?

How do you cross the bridge in 17 minutes riddle?

The riddle Only two at a time can cross, They have only one torch between them so that one member must return with the torch for the next crossing, and, Unless all four of them safely cross over to the other side within 17 minutes, they will be in very great danger.

What is the total minimum time required by all 4 friends to cross the bridge?

Answer: (a) 23 minutes.

What is the minimum time to cross the bridge?

It takes respectively 1, 2, 5 and 10 minutes for those people to cross the bridge. Rules for crossing the bridge: Bridge can hold up to 2 people at the same time. People can’t cross the bridge without carrying a flashlight.

How many people have to cross a bridge in 17 minutes?

Question: Four people need to cross a bridge in 17 minutes in the middle of the night. The bridge can only hold two or less people at any time and they only have one flashlight so they must travel together (or alone). The flashlight can only travel with a person so every time it crosses the bridge it must be carried back.

How long does it take Tom and John to cross the bridge?

Tom can cross in 1 minute, John can cross in 2 minutes, Sally can cross in 5 minutes, and Connor can cross in 10 minutes. If two people cross together they go as fast as the slower person.How can they cross the bridge in 17 minutes or less? Answer: First Tom and John will cross (2 minutes). Then Tom will bring the flashlight back (1 minute).

How to choose the fastest walker in a bridge crossing puzzle?

If the speed of the torch bearer in next step will be equal to the fastest walker, among the ‘N’ slowest walkers, in the current step then instead of choosing ‘N’ slowest walker, as given in ‘1’, choose ‘N’ fastest walkers Here is a sample python script which does this:

Is it too dangerous to cross a bridge alone?

There is a bug in the question. The bridge is too dangerous to cross alone. They will wait infinitely.