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What does error 961 mean?

What does error 961 mean?

misconfiguration of system files
Error code 961 appears when there is a misconfiguration of system files on the Google Play store. It is happening when downloading, updating and upgrading mobile applications for Android Operating System.

How do I fix app server error?

‘Server Error’: How to Fix Google Playstore Error

  1. Uninstall updates from the Play Store and then upgrade.
  2. Log out of the Google Play Store account and log in again.
  3. Clear Play Store cache and force app stop.
  4. Setting the phone time in automatic mode.
  5. Disconnect from Wi-Fi and use mobile data.

How do I fix Android App Store Not Working?

Clear the cache and data of the Play Store

  1. Open your device’s settings app .
  2. Tap Apps and notifications. See all apps.
  3. Scroll down and tap Google Play Store .
  4. Tap Storage. Clear cache.
  5. Next, tap Clear data.
  6. Re-open the Play Store and try your download again.

How do I fix Error 192 on my Android?

How Do I Fix Error 192 on Android?

  1. Clear the App Cache. If the error persists after restarting your device, force quit Google Play and clear the cache.
  2. Use a Different Connection.
  3. Check Your Storage Space.
  4. Eject Your SD Card.
  5. Uninstall Play Store Updates.
  6. Check Date and Time Settings.
  7. Remove Your Google Account.
  8. Conclusion.

Why do I get error code 927 on my Android phone?

Error 927 This is another Play Store error code that appears when trying to download or update an app, but this particular code occurs only when the Play Store is caught out in the middle of an update of its own. The best fix is usually to wait for the Play Store to finish updating and installing, and then simply trying again.

What to do if you get error code 481 on Google Play Store?

Alternatively, you can clear app data for the Play Store by going to Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps > Google Play Store > Storage & cache > Clear storage & Clear cache. If you’re unfortunate enough to see the 481 error code, then it’s probably the end of the road for your Google account.

Why do I get error code 944 on Google Play Store?

We’ll start off with a simple one, and one of the most common Google Play Store error codes. Error 944 appears when the Google Play Store servers are offline, or if they’re suffering from some connectivity issue. The best solution is to just wait a little while and try again, rather than messing around with app settings.

Why are there error codes in Google Play Store?

This list of common Google Play Store error codes will help you troubleshoot them. The Google Play Store is the most secure and easily accessible place to grab your essential Android apps and games. While it is a pretty stable app, it is not immune to bugs and issues.