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What are the system requirements for Oracle 11g?

What are the system requirements for Oracle 11g?

AMD Opteron, Intel Pentium® at 500 MHz or faster, or Intel EM64T.

  • Minimum 500 MB free disk space for installation, 10 GB recommended.
  • Minimum 1 GB physical memory, 4 GB recommended.
  • Does Oracle still support 11g?

    From the 31st December 2020 Oracle are stopping extended support on 11g database. This could have a huge impact on your business if you’re running 11g, as you’ll no longer be supported.

    Is Oracle 11g supported on Windows Server 2016?

    11g Supported Version for Microsoft windows server 2016 — oracle-tech.

    What kind of operating system does Oracle use?

    Supported Databases and Operating Systems System Supported Versions Oracle Database* Enterprise Edition: 11g Release 2 (11.2. Operating system (64 bits) Linux, Solaris x86-64, SPARC, Windows, A RMAN compression HIGH, MEDIUM, BASIC, LOW RMAN encryption Enterprise Edition: Password, Transparen

    Which is the latest version of Oracle directory server 11g?

    To update the JRE as delivered by the Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11g Release 1 ( software, you can replace the install-path/dsee7/jredirectory with the jredirectory from either a newer JDK or JRE distribution.

    What are the minimum software requirements for Oracle?

    The minimum software requirements for Oracle Retail Data Model are as follows: Operating System: For details of supported platforms, see Supported Platforms. Oracle Database 10 g Release 2 Enterprise Edition or Oracle Database 11g Release 1 Enterprise Edition.

    Which is the latest version of Oracle Database?

    System. Supported Versions. Oracle Database*. Enterprise Edition: 11g Release 2 ( and later. Standard Edition (SE, SE1, SE2): 11g Release 2 ( and later. * Unsupported Oracle Database versions are in deprecated mode. See My Oracle Support Doc ID 1640149.1 at for the latest support matrix.