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How many types of switchyard are there?

How many types of switchyard are there?

The four major types of substations are explained in this article. Sub-stations are an important part of the power system. The continuity of supply depends to a considerable extent upon the successful operation of sub-stations. There are four major types of substations.

What is switchyard in electrical?

Switchyard means a collection of electrical equipment, where high voltage electricity is switched using the various components. Electrical switchyards are one of the important parts in a substation where electricity is transferred from one voltage to another from transmission and distribution.

What is substation diagram?

The single line diagram (SLD) is the most basic of the set of diagrams that are used to document the electrical functionality of the substation. Typically, single line or one line diagrams are used to document the configuration of the electrical high voltage circuit of a substation.

What is Bay switchyard?

A bay is a power line within an electrical substation which connects a circuit (such as a power line or transformer) to a busbar . Each bay typically includes circuit breakers, disconnectors, instrument transformers and surge arresters. It is suggested not to tag all these individual components.

What is the main role of a switchyard?

A switchyard main role is mainly focused for switching, diverting and distributing of powers.. Switching between transformers, substations and distribution of powers to customers..

Where are the Breakers located in a switchyard?

The switchyard is technically where the incoming and outgoing power lines arrive and the electrical power operating equipment is located (breakers, measuring transformers, disconnectors). The switchyards may be indoors or outdoors and include the line reactors and capacitors.

What are the major considerations for a substation switchyard?

Major considerations for the selection of an economical and suitable main single line diagram and switching scheme for a substation are voltage level, site limitation and general and special considerations. Power carrying capability of transmission lines increases roughly as the square of the voltage.

What are the components of a switchyard gantry?

Components of Switchyard Gantry Structures: Gantry structures are made of steel and are used to support high voltage conductors throughout the substations that interconnect sections of electrical equipment.