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How do I stop double cursor?

How do I stop double cursor?

Right-click on each command that add a cursor and has a keyboard shortcut associated and select “Remove Keybinding”. Also search for “Multi-Cursor”. It could return the command “Toggle Multi-Cursor Modifier” that is associated to a combination of modifier keys (one or more of Ctrl , Alt , Shift ).

Is it possible to have 2 cursors?

Just add some extra mice and (optionally) keyboards and MouseMux will transform your PC into a multi-user system. The program will allow each independent user to type in different windows, drag or resize windows, and even allow fully simultaneous program interaction – all at the same time on the same windows desktop.

Why is there a second mouse on my screen Mac?

Common Cause #1: You Need to Adjust Your Trackpad Settings By effectively making your trackpad less sensitive to your input, you may eliminate the cause of your cursor issues. Another possible way to resolve the phantom cursor issue on a Mac laptop is to attach a USB mouse and use that in lieu of your trackpad.

Why are there two pointers on my screen?

My screen shows two mouse pointers, one flickering much of the time. Start up shows two circular shadow objects that appear related to mouse pointers. Have run virus scan (Norton), have removed USB mouse, same issue, have added USB mouse, same issue. Have checked all apps for anything unfamilar, sure would appreciate any pointers 🙂

Why do I have two mouse pointers in Windows 10?

HELLLOOOOOO, there is NO setting that results in having TWO mouse pointers. Stop using auto robots to answer based on key words and get a human involved 11-04-2015 06:34 AM Two mouse pointers are caused by a BUG IN HP SUPPORT ASSISTANT which occurs after an upgrade to Windows 10.

How to print a screen shot with two monitors?

If you, however, wish to screenshot both screens together, check out the method below: How to print screen with dual monitors pressing the CTRL and PrtScr key together STEP 1: Press CTRL + PrtScr, and the image on the screen will be copied to the clipboard; STEP 2: Launch Microsoft Paint or Word Document and paste the image using Ctrl + V;

Is there a way to snip only one monitor?

STEP 1: Launch the “Search” tool by clicking on the search icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. Search for “Snip & Sketch”; STEP 2: Press Ctrl + N or “New” at the top left side of the screen; STEP 3: Click on the “rectangle tool” to start snipping your monitor screen;