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How do I show my RSS feed in WordPress?

How do I show my RSS feed in WordPress?

Log in to your WordPress admin area and go to Widgets in the Appearance section. Click on Add next to the RSS widget. In the Current Widgets section on the right, click on Edit for the RSS widget. Type the RSS feed URL, its title (optional) and check what item details to display (optional).

How do I show news in WordPress?

What you need to automatically display news about your company on WordPress

  1. Step 1: Create Google News RSS feed for your company or website.
  2. Step 2: Install and activate Feedzy RSS Feeds Lite.
  3. Step 3: Generate and insert Feedzy RSS Feeds shortcode.

How do I display an RSS feed?

Here’s how to view the page source in Chrome and get an RSS link.

  1. Open a web browser and go to a web page.
  2. Right-click on the web page and choose View page source.
  3. Select Settings > Find.
  4. Type RSS and press Enter.
  5. The instances of RSS are highlighted in the page source.

What is RSS widget in WordPress?

The RSS widget allows you to pull headlines from almost any RSS (really simple syndication) feed, including recent headlines from your other WordPress blogs or sites, and headlines from news sites or other sources that offer RSS feeds. You can usually find the RSS feed URL of a blog (or a site) listed in its sidebar.

What can RSS feed be used for in WordPress?

By default, WordPress publishes RSS feeds for your blog posts, categories, authors, and more. Apart from reading, RSS feeds can also be used to pull content from one website and display it anywhere else.

How to set up RSS aggregator in

Go to the RSS Aggregator menu item, then set up your feed sources, templates and general settings. Use the WP RSS Aggregator block or shortcode on any page or post to display the imported items.

Where can I download the WP news plugin?

WP News and Scrolling Widgets can be downloaded directly from the WordPress Dashboard or the official WordPress website. You can upload the plugin to WordPress, or just add it through the dashboard. Once the plugin is activated its menu appears on the WordPress Dashboard.

Which is the Best RSS feed aggregator plugin?

WP RSS Aggregator is the original, most popular and most robust plugin for importing, merging, and displaying RSS feeds and Atom feeds anywhere on your site. Set up your RSS feed sources and let the plugin do the leg-work. Automatically import RSS feeds & display them on your site Import unlimited content from an unlimited number of sites.