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How do I get rid of the white spots on my legs?

How do I get rid of the white spots on my legs?

Treatment options include:

  1. wearing sunscreen every day, covering all areas of skin exposed to the sun.
  2. avoiding spending too long in the sun.
  3. avoiding artificial tanning beds.
  4. dermabrasion, which physically removes the outer layers of skin.
  5. topical steroid creams, such as hydrocortisone, available to purchase online.

Does vitamin B12 deficiency cause white spots on skin?

Skin lesions associated with vitamin B12 deficiency are skin hyperpigmentation, vitiligo, angular stomatitis, and hair changes. Cutaneous lesions that do not respond to conventional therapy can be an indication of vitamin B12 deficiency. Malabsorption is the most common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Does coconut oil remove white spots?

Coconut oil also helps in the treatment of vitiligo by promoting repigmentation of the skin. It has soothing and healing capabilities. Moreover, coconut oil has antifungal and antibacterial benefits. You can simply apply coconut oil on the white patches 2-3 times a day at least for a few weeks.

What causes white patches on legs?

White spots on your arms and legs can be caused by sun damage, a form of eczema called pityriasis alba , a fungal infection called tinea versicolor and a depigmenting disease called vitiligo .

What are small white dots on the skin?

Small white spots on skin because of vitiligo normally affects the exposed body parts and the skin folds (like the armpit), but can also affect areas of the previous injury, the skin around moles or even the body openings. It can also be observed on the hair and eyelids. Once the white spots have fully developed,…

What are white bumps on your legs?

White bumps can also form on your legs if you get bitten by fire ants. According to MedlinePlus , a fire ant is a type of ant that injects venom into your body when it bites. Some fire ant bites form tiny, white-tipped, pus-filled blisters that can potentially cause pain, swelling and itching.

What causes white spots on skin?

When you have discovered that you have white spots on your skin, it is usually caused by your loss of color on your skin and it is highly likely that you have vitiligo, especially those white spots becomes biggers and start to spread. Vitiligo is a condition in which white patches develop on the skin.