What is non transparent bridging?

What is non transparent bridging?

A Non-Transparent Bridge (NTB) enables this inter-domain communication, facilitating communication between devices in different switch partitions. This ability enables both hosts and EPs to initiate transactions to hosts and/or EPs in another switch partition.

How does PCIe NTB work?

Unlike in a PCIe (transparent) Bridge where the RC “sees” all the PCIe busses all the way to all the Endpoints, an NTB forwards the PCIe traffic between the separate PCIe busses like a bridge. Each RC sees the NTB as an Endpoint device but does not see the other RC and devices on the other side.

What is NTB link?

NTB (Non-Transparent Bridge) is a type of PCI-Express bridge chip that connects the separate memory systems of two or more computers to the same PCI-Express fabric.

What is PCIe switch?

A PCI Express switch is a device that allows expansion of PCI Express hierarchy. A switch device comprises one switch upstream, one or more switch downstream ports, and switching logic that routes TLPs between the ports.

When to use transparent or non transparent bridging?

Bridging is called transparent when the frame format and its addressing aren’t changed substantially. Non-transparent bridging is required especially when the frame addressing schemes on both sides of a bridge are not compatible with each other, e.g. between ARCNET with local addressing and Ethernet using IEEE MAC addresses, requiring translation.

How does ASI eliminate the need for non transparent bridging?

ASI eliminates the need for non-transparent bridging by dispensing with address routing entirely. Instead, it uses routing based on the path through the switches in a system. Each end point has a network map, and the packet header contains the directions that the packet needs to get to its destination.

How does a non transparent bridge work in a multiprocessor system?

In a multiprocessor system, non-transparent bridges place all but one of the processors in its own address domain. One processor, behind a transparent bridge, remains the fabric manager, enumerates and configures the system and handles serious error conditions.

What is the forwarding information base in transparent bridging?

Transparent bridging. Transparent bridging uses a table called the forwarding information base to control the forwarding of frames between network segments. The table starts empty and entries are added as the bridge receives frames.