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How do I change my Joomla template?

How do I change my Joomla template?

Joomla 3.2

  1. Log into your joomla 3 admin dashboard.
  2. In the top menu, click Extensions and then click Template Manager.
  3. In the left menu, click Templates.
  4. You will see a listing of templates you have installed.
  5. Click the file you want to edit.
  6. Edit the file and click the Save button.

How do I change the font of a Joomla template family?

Changing the font family for the Joomla menu To change the menu (parent and child) font: In the template’s settings of the administrator panel, click on the “Fonts” tab. Then select “Other I – selectors” text-area box.

How to change the size of a Joomla logo?

You can change the logo block size on responsive layouts by changing the values of col-ms-, col-xs- and col-md- Open file in templates/ja_template/less/style.less, find the style for logo image – .logo-image Now change the values of width and height. In the style.less file, add text-align style for the .logo-image.

How can I change the default logo image?

By default, the logo image file is logo.png, override the file and it’s done. An other way is uploading your logo image file to to your site hosting. Next, open the file in templates/ja_template/less/variables.less then change the default logo image path to the one you just uploaded.

How can I change the size of my Logo?

Upload your new logo image to templates/ja_template/images/. Normally, the style of logo is included in the template.css file in templates/ja_template/css, open that file and find the code like this: When replace logo, you may have to change the logo size.

How to change the logo image in jat3?

Open the file in plugins\\system\\jat3\\jat3\\base-themes\\default\\blocks\\header.php, you will see the logo is declared in this file. Change the to the heading tag you wish Open the file in plugins\\system\\jat3\\jat3\\base-themes\\css emplate.css, change the to the heading tag you wish