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Can you over tighten ball joint nuts?

Can you over tighten ball joint nuts?

DID YOU KNOW? It is vital to torque ball joint stud nuts to proper specifications. Improper torquing will cause looseness that may eventually cause joint stud breakage and damage to the steering knuckle.

What causes loose ball joints?

Their actual lifespan will depend on your driving habits, road conditions and exposure to road splash and salt. As the ball and socket wear together, the normally close tolerance between them will increase and the ball joint will become loose over time.

What happens if ball joints are loose?

Vibrations – when a ball joint wears out, it becomes loose which can create a vibration that you can feel through the floor or the steering wheel while you drive. Steering wheel wandering to the left or the right – worn ball joints cause the steering to pull from left to right on its own.

Are ball joints supposed to be loose?

Worn ball joints will be loose in their sockets and vibrate excessively as the vehicle is in motion. The vibration will usually stem from the affected ball joint, either from the right or left sides of the vehicle. In some cases, the vibration may be felt through the steering wheel as well.

What are the defects on the Jaguar S-type?

As a result of ongoing process assessments, Jaguar has identified a safety-related defect on a number of S-TYPE vehicles. On the vehicles involved, it is possible that an under-torque condition may exist on the front lower ball joint assembly. This may result in a high bending fatigue loading condition on the joint.

How to torque a ball joint retaining nut?

LOWER BALL JOINT SECURING NUT TORQUE CHECK 1. Set torque wrench to 80 Nm and apply to the lower ball joint retaining nut (Illustration 1). Note: Hold the ball joint stud with a suitable wrench to prevent possible rotation while performing the 80 Nm check (Illustration 2). ILLUSTRATION 1 ILLUSTRATION 2 2.

When to replace lower ball joint and vertical link?

REPLACING LOWER BALL JOINT/VERTICAL LINK If one or both lower ball joint securing nuts fail the check, the corresponding vertical link will need to be replaced using the following procedure: 1. Remove front brake disc for access. See JTIS 206-03 (SRO 70.10.10). 2.