Who owns Hutchison Port?

Who owns Hutchison Port?

Hutchison Whampoa
CK Hutchison Holdings
Hutchison Port Holdings/Parent organizations

Who owns Port of felixstowe?

Hutchison Port Holdings
Felixstowe is owned by Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Group. The port has always been privately owned. In 1951, Gordon Parker, an agricultural merchant, bought the Felixstowe Dock & Railway Company, which at the time was handling only grain and coal. In 1976, Felixstowe was bought by European Ferries.

Where is HPH port?

HPH Trust operates market-leading, best-in-class and deep water container terminals in the Pearl River Delta of South China.

What does Hutchison mean?

English. The surname Hutchison is of English and Scottish origin. The name is derived from the medieval given name Huchin, a diminutive of Hugh. The surname thus comes to signify ‘the son of Hugh’.

How many ports does Hutchison Port Holdings have?

Some operation of the company were listed as Hutchison Port Holdings Trust in Singapore Exchange . In 2016, the network comprised 48 port operations throughout Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

Who is the manager of Hutchison Ports Hong Kong?

Mr. Cheng joined Hutchison Ports in 1986, has since excelled in a career path covering human resources management responsibilities in Hongkong International Terminals Limited, Yantian International Container Terminals Limited and COSCO-HIT Terminals (Hong Kong) Limited.

Which is a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa?

The port operator group is a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings (formerly Hutchison Whampoa ). Part of the assets of the holding company were listed as Hutchison Port Holdings Trust in Singapore Exchange .

Who is the CEO of Hutchison Ports in Mexico?

Mr. Lecona was appointed Division Head for Latin America and CEO of Mexico Ports in 2010. In 2012, he was promoted to Managing Director of Latin America and CEO of Mexico Ports. His role was expanded to Managing Director of Latin America & Caribbean and CEO of Mexico Ports overseeing Mexico, Panama, Argentina and the Bahamas in 2013.