Which is the sequel of Sindhu Bhairavi movie?

Which is the sequel of Sindhu Bhairavi movie?

Sahana is an Indian Tamil language teleserial produced by K. Balachander. It is a sequel of the popular film Sindhu Bhairavi which K. Balachander also directed and produced. The first episode was aired on “Jaya TV” on 24 February 2003. The characters of the film are now much older in the serial.

How old is Sindhu Bhairavi’s son Surya now?

Sindhu’s son Surya is now 19 years old. Bhairavi has given birth to a daughter, but they have no clue where Sindhu is. J. K. Balaganapathy ( Sivakumar ), popularly known as JKB, is a gifted carnatic musician, but his wife Bhairavi ( Sulakshana ), despite her love and loyalty, fails to satisfy or challenge him intellectually.

Which is the Carnatic song in Sindhu Bhairavi?

The way the folk song “Paadariyen” merges with the Carnatic song “Mari Mari” is admirable. This is picturised in the film as a scene where Sindhu challenges JKB at a carnatic concert. Ilayaraaja is said to have believed that all the emotions, feelings and depth found in the carnatic songs are adequately, if not, equally available in the folk tunes.

Who are the main characters in Sindhu Bhairavi?

The plot of the film revolves around the three lead characters: a Carnatic singer J. K. Balaganapathy (JKB), his wife Bhairavi, and his girlfriend Sindhamani aka Sindhu. At the peak of his career, JKB gets addicted to alcohol following complications with his affair, and his career goes into a downward spiral.

Who is the music teacher in Sindhu Bhairavi?

Sindhu ( Suhasini ), working as a music teacher in a school, attends one of the concerts of JKB, where he is performing a Tyagaraja Keerthanam which is in Telugu. She finds some the audience speaking to each other instead of listening to the music.