When was sooner or later filmed?

When was sooner or later filmed?

March 25, 1979
Sooner or Later/Initial release

Where can I watch sooner or later movie?

Watch Sooner or Later | Prime Video.

What happens at the end of sooner or later?

In the film’s pivotal scene at the drive in movie, Michael makes a move on Jessie. But, she is only thirteen and is not ready any kind of making out. She tells Michael the truth, crushing him like a soda can. At the end of the movie, the reconcile, and he promises to take things slowly as he loves her, too.

When did Rex Smith release sooner or later?

In 1979, he had a hit single from the television movie Sooner or Later, entitled “You Take My Breath Away”, which reached No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100. It is on the platinum-selling album Sooner or Later, which is also named for the movie. The music for this song was written by Stephen J. Lawrence and the lyrics were written by Bruce Hart.

How old was Denise Miller in the movie Sooner?

It was 1979, and I was 13 years old when this movie debuted on television. I lived in the middle of a remote rural area, and it was the first time I had ever seen a teen idol like Rex Smith.

Who are the actors in sooner or later?

Both leads are excellent and the supporting cast is full of smart character actors: Judd Hirsch, Barbara Feldon (better known as “99” on Get Smart! ), and Lynn Redgrave. What could be an overdone teen potboiler is given humor and realism; it treats young love seriously but with perspective, and without a trace of condescension.

What kind of music does Rex Smith sing?

Rex Smith wears many hats. Performing in all mediums from Broadway, Film & Television to Producing his One man show. Rex started his career as a “teen idol” heartthrob with the platinum album hit “You Take My Breath Away.” Other albums included “Rex”, “Where Do We Go From Here”, “Sooner Or Later”, “Forever”, “Camouflage”, and most recently, “…