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How much does an International Loadstar 1600 weight?

How much does an International Loadstar 1600 weight?

The maximum GVW was increased from 19700 lb to 22000 lb and the GCW went up from 29000 lb to 30000 lb. Engines were basically the same as before: the BD-264 6-cylinder gasoline engine was standard with the V-266 and V-304 V8s and the D-301 diesel optional….International Loadstar 1600.

Shipping weight 5265 lb
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What year is my international truck?

You can determine the year from your chassis number, which on the D-Series (and most Internationals, for that matter) is found in two places – the easy place is on your data plate, but you should confirm this by checking your frame as well, where you will find it stamped on the left front frame rail, behind the bumper.

Does international still make pickup trucks?

The International MXT is still available While International hasn’t made a brand-new MXT in over a decade, used MXTs are still available on the market. Its interior is similarly large and it does have some premium features, though obviously not as much as a brand-new truck in the 2020 model year would have.

How old is the International Loadstar Mdle 1600?

Truck is a 1971 International Loadstar MDLE 1600 with a gasoline powered 392 motor. This vehicle is in great working condition and just needs a new coat of paint and some lift gate work.

What was the weight of an International Loadstar?

The 1600 and 1700 were available with 4X4, the F1800 and F1850 had tandem rear axles. The Loadstar CO 1600, 1700, and 1800 were forward control cab-over-engine versions of the Loadstar, built from 1963 until 1970. They were available with loaded weights from 19,500 to 27,500 pounds (8,800 to 12,500 kg).

When was the first International Harvester Loadstar made?

The International Harvester Loadstar is a series of medium and heavy-duty trucks that were built by International Harvester from 1962 to 1978. The Loadstar was primarily used for local delivery, construction, and agricultural applications, as well as utility and fire trucks.

What kind of car is 1973 International Loadstar 1600?

1973 international loadstar 1600.With Imperatore 3-4 horse stall horse box, two ramps one each side and a trunk shelf on the back. interior is in good condition with ample storage. has extra storage over the cab. we purchased it to restore, but have too many projects. the engine runs, carbuerator could use a cleaning.