What is the New Jersey state bird tree and flower?

What is the New Jersey state bird tree and flower?

State symbols

State bird Eastern goldfinch (Carduelis tristis)
State flower Common meadow violet (Viola sororia)
State fruit Northern highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum)
State insect European honey bee (Apis mellifera)
State mammal Horse (Equus caballus)

Why is the Violet the NJ state flower?

The state flower of New Jersey was originally designated as such by a resolution of the Legislature in 1913. In 1971, at the urging of New Jersey’s garden clubs, legislation more specifically designating the Common Meadow Violet (Viola sororia) as the state flower was enacted.

What is the New Jersey State Fish?

Brook trout
New Jersey/State fish

What is the state flower of New Jersey and why?

To sum up, Violet or Viola sororia is the state flower of New Jersey that symbolizes faith, mystical awareness, the subconscious, inspiration, spiritual passion, profuseness, and sovereignty also the spirit of the state that makes it as the state flower of New Jersey.

What does new jerseys state flower look like?

From March to June, the New Jersey state flower produces small blooms on separate, slender stalks. Common Meadow Violets range in color from white to blue to purple. Its range in New Jersey extends from Paterson in the north of the state, to Atlantic City in the south.

What is New Jersey’s official fruit?

New Jersey Law. The law designating the highbush blueberry as the official New Jersey state fruit is found in the New Jersey Permanent Statutes, Title 52, Section 52:9A-9.

Is New Jersey state flower blue or purple?

Like all the other states, New Jersey has a number of state symbols including the state flower. The official flower of the state of New Jersey is the Viola sororia, which is also known as the common blue violet. The common meadow violet has five petals that have a color ranging from blue to purple , and in some cases white.