Is Rode K2 a good mic?

Is Rode K2 a good mic?

The Rode K2 is a very nice multi-pattern tube microphone, with a warm, classic sound. Although there are cheaper mics coming in from various Far Eastern locations, it offers a very good balance of price and quality control.

Is Rode K2 good for vocals?

When I wanted to upgrade my personal studio with a great vocal mic, I decided to go with a Rode K2. It’s been my go-to ever since. Paired with my Audient iD22, this mic delivers phenomenal clarity. At the same time, it adds that classic tube warmth, so my vocals sound smooth and natural too.

Does Rode K2 need phantom power?

A: The Rode NTK has it’s own power supply unit and does not require phantom power from a mic preamp. It is compatible with ALL microphone preamps, including your Focusrite, and is an exceptional microphone.

When did the Rode NTK come out?

June 12, 2007
Product information

Item Weight 14.2 pounds
Date First Available June 12, 2007
Color Name Silver
Color Screen No
Power Source Corded Electric

What kind of microphone is the Rode k2?

The Rode K2 is a Large Diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone with a very low self noise and a good wide dynamic range. The K2 has a very classic sound to it once you start changing the tubes you will see how much better this microphone can get than what it already is. The Rode K2 is very good for vocals and a few different instruments.

Which is better rode NTK or Rode k2?

If anything, the Rode K2 is a hint sweeter-sounding than the NTK, and it definitely does the ‘subtle flattery’ thing — which is, after all, why we tolerate tubes inside our microphones in the first place.

Where did the Rode k2 test take place?

The tests done with the Rode K2 were performed at 12am Studios in Melbourne with a variety of instruments (acoustic violin, trumpet and voice). The K2 was set up on a standard Mic Stand with a pop-shield.

Do you need phantom power for Rode k2?

Obviously this form of mic (Tube) is used in a recording/studio setup, not for live performance, so I guess that is also something to note if this subject is new to you. The K2 has a separate power supply so you will not need phantom power in your mixer or sound-card which is also a handy advantage of the K2.