Can I weld a new spindle on trailer axle?

Can I weld a new spindle on trailer axle?

Most spindles are welded to the axle tube. Each new spindle addition must be installed securely and absolutely square with the trailer axle. If it is off by any amount, wheel tracking problems and premature tire wear are imminent.

How do you weld a stub axle?

Tack weld through the plug weld holes to secure the back end of the stub axle. Set your welder up so that you can lay a good hot penetrating weld (practice on some scrap steel) and fully weld around the stub axle and axle tube. Fill the plug weld holes up until the weld is flush with the top of the axle tube.

Can spindles be welded?

A spindle that has only a slightly galled surface can be fixed. As long as the spindle end is not split or metal is missing, the end can be welded up, machined down, and rethreaded. A spindle that has had excessive heat from a burned bearing will be damaged to the point that it needs replacing.

Can you replace a spindle on a trailer axle?

To replace a spindle, the old one would need to be cut off, and the new one welded into place. This is NOT a job for the do-it-yourselfer. The new spindle must be absolutely square with the axle in order to prevent premature tire wear and wheel tracking problems.

What’s the best way to weld a straight beam axle?

Mark parallel circles around the spindle where you require weld build up. Three to four full welds should be sufficient. Place the welding earth clamp onto the back end of the spindle (do not earth on bearing or seal mounting surfaces) and run a 1/4″ – 3/8″ wide weld fillet around the spindle where marked.

How much does it cost to weld an axle?

Welding the axle will not last . It will break at the weld joint . Moser Engineering will respline the axles for $150.00. Hope this helps. Mark Williams sells tools to properly narrow a drive axle. It is MUCH more involved than simply cutting off the ends and welding them back on. The hubs must be lined up together to work right.

What makes a good spindle for a trailer?

Trailer Axle Spindles Put reliable, heavy-duty construction at the center of it all with high-quality trailer spindles. These units are machined with extremely precise tolerances to weld to axles and provide a sturdy, smooth base for rotation.

What kind of drift do you use to weld axles?

Using a brass or mild steel drift, carefully remove the good bearing cups from the hubs (put them away somewhere nice and clean) and fit the cheapies. You will need the hubs to be dry fitted (no grease) to the stub axles later on to double check measurements and it is preferable not to do any welding or dusty work in and around your good bearings.