What is the Connecticut Charter Oak?

What is the Connecticut Charter Oak?

The Charter Oak was an unusually large white oak tree growing on Wyllys Hyll in Hartford, Connecticut in the United States, from around the 12th or 13th century until it fell during a storm in 1856. The oak became a symbol of American independence and is commemorated on the Connecticut State Quarter.

What is the Charter Oak and why was it important?

The Charter was important because it granted Connecticut rights to govern itself. In 1687, King James II became intent upon gaining control of all the colonies and revoked the Royal Charters. He sent his Agent with an armed troop to seize the document. Here the story takes a dramatic twist.

How did the Charter Oak get its name?

The small band of horsemen and Don Antonio rode eastward, pausing long enough for a drink of water at the thriving San Gabriel Mission and, urging their horses straight to the east, continued into the area now known as Charter Oak just as night fell. This is how Charter Oak received its name.

What did the Connecticut Charter do?

The Charter was an extraordinary document because it gave the people of Connecticut a clear legal basis for their colony, provided for the absorption of New Haven Colony, and, most importantly, granted the “Governour and Company of the English Colony of Connecticut in New England in America” an exceedingly generous …

How did the Charter Oak Tree get its name?

The name “Charter Oak” stems from the local legend in which a cavity within the tree was used in late 1687 as a hiding place for the Charter of 1662. This much regarding the charter is history: King Charles II granted the Connecticut Colony an unusual degree of autonomy in 1662.

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