Who is Paul Heyman wife?

Who is Paul Heyman wife?

Marla Heyman
Paul Heyman/Wife

Does Paul Heyman have a daughter?

Azalea Heyman
Paul Heyman/Daughters

How much does Paul Heyman?

Paul Heyman net worth: Paul Heyman is an American businessman who has a net worth of $10 million dollars….Paul Heyman Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Profession: Businessperson, Photographer, Actor
Nationality: United States of America

How old are Marla Heyman and Paul Heyman?

Marla is married to Paul Heyman from an undisclosed period. The Heyman’s family is blessed with two children including a son named Jacob Heyman and a beautiful daughter named Azalea. Son Jacob was born on May 28, 2004. whereas daughter Azalea was born on July 31, 2002, which makes their age be 14 and 16 years old respectively.

Who is the wife of Paul Heyman of WWE?

Marla Heyman is popular for being the wife of Paul Heyman who is best popular as The Advocate working for WWE star Brock Lesnar. Marla has always supported her husband in his every professional job. Let’s explore in detail about Marla Heyman biography below: Marla was born in the United States and belongs to the white ethnic background.

What did Paul Heyman say on ladies and gentleman?

On Heyman’s 2014 WWE documentary Ladies and Gentleman, My Name is Paul Heyman, Heyman stated that the SmackDown! brand he was writing was beating Raw in ratings, merchandise and live show attendance during a time McMahon wanted real-life competition between the Raw and SmackDown! brands.

When did Paul Heyman become manager of Brock Lesnar?

Managing Brock Lesnar (2002–2003) While he was in WWE, Tazz spoke to him about Brock Lesnar, a WWE developmental wrestler. Heyman began mentoring Lesnar, and McMahon decided to make Heyman Lesnar’s manager.