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What is a serving of wench?

What is a serving of wench?

Word forms: wenches countable noun. A wench was a girl or young woman in the past who worked as a servant or served people food or drink. ‘wench’ ‘wench’

What does wench mean in slang?

: to associate with and especially to have sexual relations with promiscuous women or prostitutes. Other Words from wench Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About wench.

Is a wench a waitress?

The wenches’ role in Medieval Times is not confined to subservient distribution of chicken, ribs and sangria. They are waitresses, yes — but with an artistic dimension. At Medieval Times, customers pay $25 per person for dinner and a show.

Is wench a term of endearment?

However, when this was written, ‘wench’ was a term of endearment especially for wives and daughters – it just means ‘young woman’. But as Shakespeare uses it here it’s meant as a term of endearment.”

Which is the best definition of a wench?

wench 1 A young woman or girl. 2 A woman servant. 3 A promiscuous woman or a prostitute. More

Where does the last name wench come from?

From Middle English wenche (“girl; young maid”), a shortened form of Middle English wenchel (“girl; maiden; child”), from Old English wenċel, winċel (“child; servant; slave”), from Proto-Germanic *wankilą, from Proto-Germanic *wankijaną (“to sway; waver”).

Where does the word wenche come from in the Bible?

Bible translator John Wyclif uses “wenche” derisively six times, in addition to “strumpet” and “yong strumpet,” to name the dancing Salome in a sermon about the beheading of John the Baptist, setting up “wenche” and “strumpet” as synonyms.

What does the word wrench mean in English?

wrench – a tool with jaws for gripping, turning, or twisting an object: Sometimes I have to use a wrench to open jars. n. Archaic 1. A young woman or girl. 2. A woman servant. 3. A promiscuous woman or a prostitute. To consort with promiscuous women. Used of a man. [Middle English, short for wenchel, child, from Old English wencel .] wench′er n.