Where should Sri Chakra be placed at home?

Where should Sri Chakra be placed at home?

A Sri Yantra should be placed in the North-East directing of your space and should only be placed on a Friday. Before you place the Sri Yantra you must clean that place following the rituals using milk, saffron (Kesar), and water, and after that just by water.

Can we keep yantras at home?

The Vastu yantra is a harmless tool with no bad effects and can be kept in homes, offices, factories or any other place of your liking.

How do you activate Sri Yantra?

How to activate your yantra ? (Puja)

  1. Ring a small bell with your left hand (optional) and place your fourth finger of right hand on the exact centre point or bindhu of your yantra.
  2. Chant the associated mantra for your yantra or simply ‘AUM’ at least three times to invoke the presiding deity or Avatar of the yantra.

What is Sri Chakra Puja?

In the Sri Chakra puja they are systematically worshipped one by one with their names and mantras. The Sri Chakra maps the inner sky as one goes from outside to inside; it is also located in the body in terms of the six Chakras.

How does the simple Shri Chakra Puja bring prosperity?

The simple Shri Chakra Puja will bring prosperity in your lives. Before starting the worship it is advisable to know about the way the Sri Chakra Yantra is constructed, what all it represents, about the 9 Avaranas, the deities, their gunas, and significance, so that your worship is more meaningful.

Which is the best mantra for Sri Chakra Pooja?

The Shodasi Mantra is given at the end of the Shreechakra Pooja. You can do Japa of the Shree Chakra Mantra with Shree Chakra Yantra by performing Sri Chakra Puja at home. You can learn Chakra puja Hindi or Shri Chakra procedure at home.

How is Sri Chakra sold as a cmmodity?

Sri chakra is sold as a cmmodity and like chinese laughing buddha toy. Religion, spirituality and god are sold for a price and have made a mockery of all without knowing worth of anything. If sir chakra is home without initiation, how should we worship it?

Who is the presiding deity of Sreechakra Pooja?

The presiding Deity of Sreechakra pooja, Devi, is Known as Lalita Tripura Sundari. The form of Devi Kamakshi of Kancheepuram is the closest resemblance of the Devi as described in the scriptures.