What happened to Maya on the 100?

What happened to Maya on the 100?

Maya Vie was a recurring character in the second and sixth seasons. She was portrayed by cast member Eve Harlow and debuted in “The 48”. In “Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2)”, Maya was killed along with the rest of the Mountain Men after Clarke and Bellamy flush radiation throughout Mount Weather.

How did Bellamy know Maya?

Summary. Bellamy and Maya first meet in Season Two’s Coup de Grâce when Maya rescues Bellamy from being harvested. She becomes Bellamy’s guide through Mount Weather and helps him establish radio contact with Camp Jaha.

Who plays Miah in the 100?

Eve Harlow
Eve Harlow portrayed Maya Vie on the CW’s The 100. She was part of the recurring cast in Season Two and a guest in Season Six.

Does Maya dad die in the 100?

Paul is then shot in the head, and the other guard is taken down. Vincent then escorts Nathan Miller and Fox back to safety while his daughter moves forward with the others. He is then seen lying dead on the ground in the Harvest Chamber with Maya mourning his death.

Who is Bellamy’s dad?

George Bellamy (born 10 August 1941) is an English musician, singer and former rhythm guitarist for The Tornados. He is the father of Matt Bellamy, frontman of British rock band Muse.

Does Jasper ever forgive Clarke?

In the Earth Skills, after Jasper was speared in the chest, Clarke cared for him and treated his wounds till he got better. By the end of Season Three, it was implied that Jasper finally forgave her when he was apologetic to Monty for blaming him and Clarke and that he was done blaming.

Who is the father of Octavia’s baby?

Octavia the Younger

Octavia Minor
Issue Claudia Marcella Major Claudia Marcella Minor Marcus Claudius Marcellus Antonia Major Antonia Minor
Dynasty Julio-Claudian
Father Gaius Octavius
Mother Atia Balba Caesonia

Who was Bellamy’s girlfriend?

Gina Martin
Gina Martin was a minor character in the third season. She was portrayed by Leah Gibson and debuted in Wanheda (Part 1). Gina was one of the residents of Arkadia and went on supply runs to Mount Weather. Gina was Bellamy’s girlfriend and brought him a present from her last supply run.

Why did Jasper get killed off The 100?

Jasper went on to believe that he would rather die on his terms than continue to survive long enough until the next war. Jasper’s choice, and the letter he had written for Monty, impacted Monty’s feelings about Earth and what it meant to deserve Eden.

What did Monty find in Jasper’s bag?

Monty follows him, watching as Jasper walks to Mount Weather and passes out. He searches through Jasper’s backpack and finds that Jasper brought Finn’s ashes with him.

Is anyone from the 100 dating?

Richard Harmon plays John Murphy on The 100. Even though his character has been going steady with Emori (Luisa d’Oliveira), in real life Harmon is dating his co-star Rhiannon Fish, who plays Ontari. The couple met on the set of the dystopian drama in 2016.